Do you ever wonder,
on what sense you use the most,
in all of your life,
even for those who might have lost one or never had it,
which sense was your go to,
when things didn’t quite make quota of understanding,
and when it did,
was there a fall back feeling to rely on,
because you just didn’t want to be wrong,
for every time you were right,
things went well,
yet the moment of wrongness comes within inches away,
snapping like a eclectic power stabbing the flesh,
giving an unneeded jolt of life,
aside from that,
you feel more aware of everything,
or sucked in so much,
your dead,
not other way around it,
just having that heavy stone of weight bare down,
breaking the will,
wind punches keeps you to the ground,
on begging knee to make it stop,
sightless of colors,
and light,
all is just blind,
no smell to know,
if it pleasant or filthy,
numb to the touch,
all there is a tingle buzz of dying,
yet you remain awake,
I ask again,
when in life of one the senses meant something to you,
do you have a memory of it,
an emotion that can’t be overcome and it just leaks out,
for others to witness,
no reaction at all,
the world could be burning,
and nothing from you,
remaining silent,
trekking steps on to a place,
a place that would some would fine,
away from the madness,
but who would walk away from madness,
everyone goes a little mad some times,
within the senses they trigger it,
leaving only yourself to respond and make do with the aftermath,
so by the end of it all,
is that sense that overpowers you,
worth it by where it got you,
or is all lies to buy one time,
to let the trigger of madness,
to take hold,
which is true and lie,
follow your sense,
and maybe,
just maybe,
you’ll make it another day,
just like everyone else.




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