P goes under the Pleasure of hoping for the glee and pain, to just go away, while lingering, in the realm of life, it said it all, yet not enough.

L means for all Lucky bastards who do it all, do nothing, and mash the chants of sorrow real meaning, than the lies of it all, that come down to drawing blood, or holding a sign of peace.

E lacks sadly of all the Elegance grace to give shit to others, whom speak so softy, that the winds beats down on them, over and over, hoping they understand begging does nothing, thus leads to something worst, if not done right.

A means of how reckless Action can be for others, sword and shield, off to battle, to never return, until the voices are heard, no more, and the right being is left walking, that’s what this world has come to, even if most turn a damn eye, and speak nothing, or in case to live, be part of it, to save their own skin.

S runs down the throats, until only in choking Suffering wills, that smother the truth, and blinds the sight in lies, in everything, to the end, comes to nothing worth living, but god damn, keep walking, and for what, no really, what?

E lightens the mood adequate, just sufficient to be Ecstatic, that there is a light to end of the tunnel, and at the far end of it all, you got to run, not walk, because life has come now, that simple words, simple motions, don’t do enough, in just grabbing the sword and shield, and fight, to the dying close.




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