Inside a supposedly empty hallway of PS 261 two fith grader a boy and a girl was slowly walking down hall heading to class room 501. a class room was two floor above them. a class room they both had no business being in. yet Billy a chubby boy with blue hear and light gry eye has his reason for going there and so dse his neighborhood friend Lucy who was more worried about getting catch if any.

“-I hope you are right, Pen Pal,” said Lucy. I would not be too happy if i get ex-spell for nothing.

“You are not going get ex-pell, Lu, said Billy. and am sure Mr. Rivercafe knows something the other teacher are simply not telling us. and trust me it is best that we know the fact of some of our classes sooner rather than later.

let just hope that Mr. Rivercafe had lifted it in his disks.

Billy place his hand on Lucy’s shoulder and both she and billy watch as the notice a hall montor dress in a standard police uniform was standing grad in fort of the school step.

That going b a problem. Lucy said while casting a worrisome look.

“Maybe, said Billy who was already coming up with a plan. Maybe not. com on.

Tomas Brown

Issued 01

Normally the town of Red Hook is quite town which hardly anything ever happen; not today for at 9:45 am a bank robber had aqurred and the local police had block of tree block s worth of road, covering every part of the building. no new reporter could enther. no one insdie the barricate could leave. and as the hour pass the the police was wantied just to see if the robbers would contact them for they had fail to get in touch with them.

finally 2 hours had pass and the robbers had surprise the police offer be letting go most of the people who inside the bank. Woman and children had lift the bank in a single file follow by an under an security gard and a man on a wheel chair. when the police had goten everone to safty the police attention was back at the building. and was wondering what the hell these so call robbers was playing at

“They did not as for money. the captin had said anyry while rubbing his dark face. not one figure. the let go of the hostage and keep all of the empooyee

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