Moviefan12: Hello & welcome back to my 2 part cross over with Positive Troll. Last time, we took a look at Positive Troll’s Top 6 Disney Dads with Mr. Incredible taking the top spot.  Today, we will be taking a look at the Top 6 Disney Dads that I have picked.  Let’s begin.

6.  Gepetto - Pinocchio
Moviefan12:  Now I have stated in the past that this film scares me but that does not mean that I don’t find characters likable.  I think Gepetto is a very likable character and it is so clear that all he wants is a son and when The Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to life, he is overjoyed and ecstatic because he had finally gotten what he wanted.  When Pinocchio goes missing,  Gepetto sets out on a long journey to find him akin to Marlin from Finding Nemo.  Though the difference is that he doesn’t come across as overprotective.  The joy in seeing him finally having a son is one of the most beautiful things in a Disney film and to be honest the way he acts when Pinocchio becomes a real boy is just so beautiful.


Sorry about the quality of the video but this is the best I could find.  Gepetto’s act may be simple but it is true.  He thinks his son is about to die and he would rather take his place. The only thing he can do is pray and hope that his son will be better.   I know my parents have been in situations like that, if you need reference just read this article.

Les: Ah, Gepetto! I can’t believe I didn’t think to choose him for one of my dad picks! Oh well, thanks for picking him so I can say a few things about him.

Gepetto is one of Disney’s characters who is completely pure of heart. He’s charming in an old man living with a cat and a goldfish, kind of way. It’s the very reason that the Blue Fairy grants him his wish-even if it’s conditional upon Pinocchio proving himself. His joy at finding his “little wooden head” alive and possibly becoming a real boy is like watching a little child opening up a Christmas present to find a cuddly puppy inside the box. This is a man who has a great capacity to love.

From there, he does the fatherly things that he should, like getting his son ready for school(including giving him an apple for the teacher-nice touch, Gepetto). When Pinocchio goes missing, he goes out to find him in an effort that might have inspired the Maurice character from Beauty and the Beast. When he finds Pinocchio inside Monstro(OK, technically Pinocchio fell into his arms, but c’mon! it’s a reunion, Dammit!) He shows his concern over Pinocchio’s donkey tail and ears, but looks past them because he loves his son. Later when making their escape, Gepetto does everything he can to protect Pinocchio. When Pinocchio dies to save him, he mourns the loss as any father would. His bedside vigil matches that of the Seven Dwarfs over Snow White’s Glass coffin for pure heartbreaking sadness.

5.  Kerchack – Tarzan
Moviefan12: Now this choice I admit even surprised myself when I chose him for this list because throughout majority of the movie, he comes off as a jerk to Tarzan but with good reason in my opinion.  He lost his son that he had with Kala at the start of the film and feels that Tarzan is no replacement.  Which he is right to think because Tarzan can never replace the child that they lost.  But I also think he was hard on Tarzan because he saw great poetnial in him and didn’t think that he was living up to it.  He admits when he dies that he did love Tarzan and that is all Tarzan had ever wanted to hear.  He is a good father who is just a bit jaded.

Les: Nice pick and for all the right reasons, my friend. Voiced by Lance Hendrickson, Kerchack is not only Tarzan’s adoptive father, but father to the entire Gorilla colony as it’s leader. He’s the one who attempts to defend them from the jaguar before he’s injured and Tarzan tag-teams with him to finish the job. You never doubt that he puts the colony above his own needs and that’s the quality a father must have.

4.  Long John Silver – Treasure Planet
Moviefan12: What’s this? A villain on the list! Well, you see I don’t think of him as the true villain of this film, no that title belongs to Mr. Scroop.  Silver while not an actual father serves as a father figure to Jim Hawkins who had never had a father figure seeing as his biological father left him and his mom at a young age.  After Jim is put under the care of Silver they come to bond and appreciate one another.  Again, this is part of the reason why Jim takes Silver turning against him so hard because he had looked up to Silver and trusted him.   Silver is the closest Jim ever had to a true father.   You can see that   both Silver and Jim genuinely care about one another.  I think their relationship and how it goes is greatly explored in the wonderfully underrated Disney song from this film that I too feel is sadly underrated,  I’m Still Here.
This song while it mainly focuses on Jim and how he doesn’t understand where he belongs in this world is also a nice look at how their relationship goes from that of two people who are forced to work together to becoming that of treating one another like family.   Jim looks at Silver as the father he never had and Silver looks at Jim as the son he always wanted.    Now the only other version of Treasure Island that I recall watching growing up is Muppet Treasure Island and while Tim Curry was a fun Silver, I like this one better because he just has more depth to him.

Les: Ah nice choice, my friend. I loved this movie. Silver, voiced by Brian Murray, has a great dichotomy in his character showing a ruthless toughness around his villainous friends, but having a soft spot for young Jim Hawkins(Joseph Gordon Levitt) Using a combination of tough love, discipline and even sympathy, he helps mold Hawkins into the hero he can be. In every way, he becomes the Father figure young Jim needs in his life-even if it’s from a criminal.

In the end, He has to choose between the treasure he’s hunted all of his life and saving Hawkins’ life. He makes a father’s decision and saves the boy. That’s being a hero, and a good father figure.

3.  King Triton – The Little Mermaid
Moviefan12:  Triton is a lot like Chief Powhatan in that he may not agree with his daughter’s choice in  how she wishes to live and he doesn’t even respect her choices at first.   It takes her leaving home to understand how she feels and how he needs to live her own life.  He can’t control it and in the end, he just lets her go and is happy with her choice.   Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that both of the sea dads we have had on the cross over had to lose their children to understand what they needed?    Anyways,  Triton is a good character  and I  enjoy watching his growth.

Les: Wow!! I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right! Marlin and Triton do have very similar arcs in their journeys to be better fathers. King Triton, voiced by Kenneth Mars, has a tremendous amount of fire in his passion. In the beginning it makes him arrogant and tunnel visioned completely ignoring Ariel’s dreams(particularly in the scene where he destroys her collection of other world trinkets). Later, as he realizes just how foolish he’s been he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice his freedom and the kingdom to Ursula to save Ariel from becoming a kelp creature for the Sea Witch’s doorstep. In the end, he let’s her go to be with her love and it makes him humble and heroic.

2.  Mufasa – The Lion King
Moviefan12:  Three words,  JAMES EARL JONES!   Seriously next to Darth Vader, I think  this is one of his best performances.  Mufasa is a wise and caring king but more importantly a wise and caring father.  He wants to see Simba do the best and knows that Simba will make a great king one day.  Just going back to his voice actor for a second, Mufasa gives wise and sage advice and with James Earl Jones voicing the character there is just more depth to the words that he says.  While Mufasa dies when Simba is a young child, he still plays a grand role in being a part of Simba’s life. I suggest you check out the song,  He Lives In You  to understand how Simba really feels about his well non existent relationship with his dad because of his death.    One of the most important scenes that helps Simba to grow and become the king that he needs to be is when he talks to his father as a ghost. I consider that one of the most beautiful and touching moments from any Disney film.
There is just something about this image that is very touching and beautiful and really this quote speaks for itself.

You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life

That along with when young Simba asks Mufasa if they’ll be pals forever are just so touching.  This quote though is something that Simba probably didn’t want to hear but needed to hear and sometimes the only person that can deliver the painful truth like this is dear ol’ dad.   Again,  James Earl Jones’  voice just adds more weight to this line.  I honestly don’t think any other voice actor or actor in general could put the same weight into this line.

Les: I Completely agree, my friend. I saw this play so I know the song you referred to, and He Lives in You is a hauntingly powerful song. It really captures the feelings behind that scene. James Earl Jones was perfectly cast. I don’t think anyone else could’ve pulled off Mufassa’s power, wisdom and compassion any better. That scene where Mufassa has to teach young Simba a lesson for disobeying him and putting Nala in danger in the Elephant’s graveyard, is a magnificent scene showing an important father/son moment. When young Simba puts his small paw inside Mufasa’s huge footprint you can see the wheels turning in his head wondering if he’ll ever be big enough inside to fill his father’s “shoes.” Mufasa, a powerful Lion, a powerful Voice and a powerful Father. Excellent pick, my friend.

1.  Goofy – A Goofy Movie

Moviefan12:  When I came up with this list, I automatically knew that I wanted Goofy to take the top spot. To me he is just the perfect Disney Dad. He tries his hardest to be a good dad to Max even if it does embarrass Max a tad but through their road trip they learn how to be a better father and son.  Goofy may not be the smartest but I think he has the biggest heart.  I mean he helps Max sneak into a concert to help him impress Roxanne.  How awesome is that?

There is just something about seeing Goofy and Max onstage with Powerline that makes me feel that they have finally come to understand what each other needs.   Which granted is probably better explored in Nobody Else But You

This is a really sweet song and to me it shows how much Goofy and Max truly care about another.  They’ll stick by each other through thick and thin.  There is never any doubt  that Goofy loves Max but Goofy just doesn’t know the right way to express it because he doesn’t want to lose Max and to me that is understandable.  I really think through this trip, he finally understands that Max is growing up and that he needs to Max his own space.   Also Goofy has been a dad a lot longer than some of the other entries on both lists.

Les: That’s true, when you think about it. Goofy, through the Goof Troop show, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie, has been shown raising Max from a small child all the way through going off to college. That’s an impressive stretch of time. You’re absolutely correct that through all of it, he’s shown a lot of heart in the way he’s weathered the changes that occur as your child grows up. Goofy is always supportive of Max and tries to be there (sometimes to Max’s embarrassment, but then again, as a father, myself, I’m noticing that that’s part of the bonding experience and your kids come to appreciate the attention as a sign of proof that you love them). Plus, I never thought Goofy wasn’t smart, but rather simple in his tastes. When it comes down to it, he really does have a lot of common sense-he’s just really clumsy LOL! I gotta hand it to you, Moviefan12. I really like your #1 pick. Good choice.

Moviefan12:  Thanks, glad you liked my pick for # 1 and now I know you said that you didn’t watch House of Mouse but that also shows how their relationship expands once Max enters the workforce. I mean sure,  Max and Goofy are working at the same place but Goofy has to come realize that Max is an adult now and he needs to trust Max to act like one. A great example of this is the the episode, Max’s New Car, where Max wants a new car but Goofy doesn’t think he is ready for one.  In the end, he gets when the gang helps Max by showing that Goofy wasn’t the greatest driver using clips from the previously reviewed,  Freewayphobia.    Now the ironic thing here though was that Max was the valet for the House of Mouse.

Moviefan12:  I hope that you have enjoyed this special two part cross over.  Thanks again to Positive Troll for joining me to take a look at our favorite Disney Dads.   Tell me who are some of the Disney Dads that you would have included on this list?  Also on a sidenote, does anyone know  who that dad standing between the dad from Atlantis and Mulan’s dad is?   If so, could you tell me in the comments, thanks.

Les: It was a privilege, my friend. I had a blast discussing this with you, and I hope Manic  fans had fun reading us today. I’ll see you all around the blog. Peace.

Moviefan12: Now I would like to end this with a very touching Disney AMV set to the song, Butterfly Kisses.

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