Do you bare the fineness of masculine,
or fair out in the female code,
maybe stuck in the middle of unsure unit,
never fully aware,
yet stays the same in the mind to live through the body,
once made by strand after stand of chromosome,
so thin in shiny those of the past,
but embracing anew look,
almost akin to a hybrid car,
of two autos,
and the mixture is never understanding of what it could be,
a pure breed,
pure with a stray far away line,
that comes just as so,
ready to the set,
and go,
just go down that road,
out to the world,
that holds no favors,
yet only so few,
less than a handful of a trouble two year old,
trying to keep quarter size gumballs,
from falling to the ground,
cracking and breaking,
if they fall upon the floor,
they just couldn’t withstand the tilt,
that with just one jerk,
they just fall down,
the poises blush,
from the sadness of it all,
upper and disappointment attitude,
dies but tries to grow,
in a room with no light or water,
sprouting just enough,
not to be tossed away,
and in theory,
feed the world,
too much,
of hoping to reach out,
that pipe dreams mean something,
yet not even close,
so bushy of foul words,
that jumble,
that no circus clown,
can even try,
in handling the good,
the bad,
and the damn dyed in gray,
in that,
what has the world come to,
starting a fine car,
or even used,
ends up stalling on a dead,
and confuse,
oh god damn it,
damn it all.




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