Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney.  Man, all the recent news for Inside Out is getting me excited because I found out just this week that one of my favorite musicians from YouTube, Nick Pitera is going to have a small role in the film.    Nick Pitera is a  musician that is best known for his melodies  and tributes but he’s also works as animator at Pixar and in more recent years,  he has done official tribute/melody videos for Disney.  I’ve taken a look at some of his earlier Disney work before he started doing videos for Disney back in Music Fridays # 93.    And well with Inside Out news, I thought it might be fun to look at some of his more recent videos.  With that out of the way, let’s begin.

One Man Tribute To Aladdin On Broadway
We start off the list with my favorite of his current videos.  Honestly, I think  this is easily one of the best videos that he’s ever done.   Everything about it just so seamless from the transition from song to the next and even the transition to locations feel seamless and I like how he found locations that fit the tone of the song that he is singing at the time.  And I’m sucker for something that ends with people singing onstage. Sure,  it may just be a promotional video for the Broadway show but it’s still really good.
Kiss The Girl
Now this is more in line with the typical videos that Nick is known for doing.  Such as his famous Disney Medley video and  this was part of a Little Mermaid contest from when the film was re released on Blu Ray and I gotta say that this video still impresses me with his talent.   Compared to his Aladdin video,  it’s a bit more stripped down as it’s just Nick doing all of the voices for the characters and that just amazing to watch.   And that is what I love about him,  he can do great spectacle but also has the talent to back it up.
Okay yeah, this video is just adorable.  I love the props and the sheep really win me over.  This is another great example of Nick doing what he does best.  Delivering a great performance with his voice and doing a plethora of characters, while he’s at it.
Let It Go
Our last cover is actually one that Nick didn’t do for Disney but on his own.  And it’s  the only male cover of Let It Go that I actually like.   Until I heard this one,  I always felt like Let It Go was one of those songs that wouldn’t work with a male’s voice.  Leave it to Nick to prove me wrong and deliver a solid performance and once again,  he has a great music video to go with his wonderful cover.   Out of the 4 videos here,  this is my second favorite.   Now  I know a lot of people are sick of Let It Go covers and that almost kept me from watching this but I love of Frozen and being such a huge fan of Nick Pitera helped me to get over that decision in 2 minutes.
I hope that you guys enjoyed this look at some enjoyable Disney videos by one of my favorite artists.  Let me know what your favorite video was in the comments.  Peace!

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