Let’s start with a MELLOW flair,
that isn’t all in a burst,
but able to withheld all troubles.

Oh this shade may give some,
but this color is real,
just showed in the oddest way,
known to mankind.

In that,
let there be some LOVE,
for it,
even just a little.

Keeping it so WARM,
a blanket of wool,
thick and welcoming!

Sure to bay out RADIANT songs,
so light,
so quiet,
so eerie,
yet not turned away.

Set it AGLOW,
like a flame made of snow,
of chance,
slim and never tilting the scale.

For this hue to have,
yet unneeded,
of what is to come,
what has past,
and what is going on now.

Darker ways may increase INTUITIVE thoughts,
but that is normal,
but very true.

That will happen,
when those PASSIONS,
are just so close,
the fingers just graze it,
leaving hardly a print behind,
of a last chance claim.

calm as one can,
just have the will,
stay it.

For the shivers of sinful,
false chime bliss,
lead to only dread,
nor even close to a virtue,
for that’s not how this color works.

at the end of it all,
tends to where it all goes,
for the better or the worst,
just as so,
but nowhere close,
nor far.

that most wish to say under the ENAMORED words,
that mock peace,
and veil the war,
in a dense fog.

Yet to all this,
leaving only,
the LAMNENT touch,
of life take whole,
swallowing away this tint,
that blends in the world,
in fading glance.

As this hue only wishes to remain majestic,
upfront at best but still be a ghost that wanders the world with no hope,
while the ceil dims the chances,
the duke enhances them gently.




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