Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney.  And well, I know most of the country is sick of Frozen and I get that and I do wish that Disney would spread the love around to their other films. However, I’ve been looking forward to this announcement.  As has been mentioned prior, a Frozen attraction has been announced for the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT and the first concept art and the name have been revealed.   I give you Frozen Ever After.    Now, it won’t open until 2016 but hey that’s not far away.

That concept art is just majestic and looks as though, you are transported to Elsa’s Ice Palace.   And of course other Frozen characters such as Marshmallow and Oaken will appear as described in this article that breaks the ride down scene by scene.  

While waiting on line, which is sure to take longer than the four-minute ride, visitors will walk by Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. The trader with the thick accent will occasionally clear steam on the windows to utter a hearty “yoo-hoo!

I like this as it makes the queue line, a bit more fun than just your standard waiting line.  But I’d always thought they were going to use Olaf for the queue line in a similar fashion   as Mr. Potato Head for Toy Story Midway Mania but nope, you’ll see him first,  when you get on the boat and he’ll be with Sven.

Once they board their logs, “Frozen Ever After” riders will first see goofy snowman Olaf and equally goofy reindeer Sven setting up the Winter Festival premise.

And everyone’s there from Grandpabby to Anna and when you see Elsa, guess what.

Behind a set of doors is the moment any visitor is sure to be waiting for: Elsa, on a balcony, singing “Let It Go” in her ice castle. It’s the centerpiece of the ride, “the big, big scene,” Ms. Mangum said, and it features elaborate effects to create simulated snow crystals soaring around the room.

You knew that was going to be in the ride.  Overall from what I’m reading I’m pretty excited save for one thing…  The Snowgies from Frozen Fever are a part of this ride.

Visitors will next ride by Marshmallow, the giant, formerly evil snowman from “Frozen” and his miniature Snowgie pals, who show up in the short “Frozen Fever,” which ran in front of March’s “Cinderella.”


For those that have not seen Frozen Fever,  it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa wants to make it perfect but she has a cold. Get It!

Yeah…. This short isn’t very good and these Snowgies as they’re called pop out from Elsa, whenever she sneezes.  Ewe!   Sorry but I kinda think that’s gross. My problem with them extends beyond the disgusting nature of how they are born.   It’s more to me that these characters are nothing more than Disney’s answer to The Minions and using them as a response to those characters. So, that they can have their group of silly little characters. And they represent one of the biggest issues that I have with what Disney has been doing with Frozen since it became so popular.  They’re a blatant cash-in on a trend that is popular and to a greater extent, that’s what Frozen Fever was. As it was a blatant cash in on the success of Frozen. I’m still really excited for this ride and already know that rides are going to wrap around the park twice and back but I do wish that they weren’t including these characters.  However,  I am the same person that argued in Tangled Ride article that they should include the wedding scene from Tangled Ever After. So in some regards, I do like that they are acknowledging continuity that extends beyond the film.  And it’s at the end of the ride, it’s a minor thing at best.

Overall, I’m pretty excited for this ride, even if  I do have minor complaint. But overall, this ride is gonna be awesome.  However, waiting in line for this ride is gonna feel like this…

But I can’t wait to go on it.

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