I want happiness,
you want happiness,
they want happiness,
and no one earned,
wondering only why,
for how suffering,
in other eyes,
seem to think that’s how it work,
in all honesty,
no it fucking doesn’t,
having one to be sad,
shouldn’t bring forth happiness for others,
there is a different of being a bully,
and starting a war,
thinking that people can blur those lines,
it doesn’t work,
it doesn’t,
and for those who think it does,
are the biggest morons,
there is no sugarcoating this,
there is a moron,
there is a smart person,
there is a wisecrack,
and then there is the village idiot,
let that sink in,
what placement in there for others,
what could it be,
happiness and sorrow,
yes they go hand in hand,
but they alone,
be what has others to use,
as a judge,
that just doesn’t work that way,
it doesn’t,
just stop it all,
preying all this,
to fair it out,
just doesn’t work,
a higher level,
is the one that will,
take this well plan,
and burn it,
to ashes,
and blind a poor in the eyes,
because why,
no real answer,
mostly to feel better,
putting others in their place,
because no matter the age,
we are still fucking kids,
that need mommy and daddy to hold their hand,
in telling them what is right and wrong,
no one is going to grow up,
not that easy,
push all you want,
because no time should be wasted,
in those faults,
are all on you,
if look to the news,
and see a love one,
ending lives of others,
because it what you wanted,
there is a start to everything,
find the root of it all,
and pull it,
before more lives are lost,
stop sitting around,
and do something,
don’t more blood spill,
and tears fall,
because it wasn’t your problem,
I’m sorry,
it just shouldn’t work like that.




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