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Man, talk about timing.  After I finish my review for Tangled, Disney Channel airs Tangled Ever After. Now this is the second time I’ve watched the short and I liked it.  This short was smart in that, while it was a follow up to Tangled about Rapunzel & Eugene’s wedding, they weren’t the main focus and instead,   Max and Pascal were.  Now watching it on TV and not in 3D like I did when I saw it in theaters in front of Beauty and The Beast does make the 3D elements stand out a bit more but it’s still funny and they work well and all of the callbacks to the film such as the frying pan and Eugene’s nose never being depicted correctly are a nice touch.

The Plot
It’s the big day for Eugene and Rapunzel, they are about to tie the knot.  Everyone is excited, the thugs are there,  for some unexplained reason so are The Stabbington Brothers and Max and Pascal are the ring barriers and this is where the problem starts along with the mayhem as they lose the rings and they go all over town chasing them.   It’s a simple plot, Pascal and Max need to get the rings back to the ceremonies. There is one nice segment where they have a dream sequence and the castle blows up because of them losing the rings.   It was really funny but it worked rather well.
Now  since it seemed to be this way, in the short, I’ll be grouping our characters together for both Main & Supporting.
Main Characters
Max  & Pascal both voiced by Frank Welker
Max & Pascal are our main characters and as stated above are the main focus of this short and they are racing all throughout the kingdom trying to get the rings back.  There were a lot of great slapstick moments  such as Max being with a royal frying pan. (That’s still funny typing it out) or one of my favorites, Pascal falling into a bowl of soup.
That is pretty funny, right there.   Seeing the two of them work together to get the rings back was a lot of fun. It may not have been anything grand but it was funny and that is all that I need out of this short.
Supporting Characters
Rapunzel & Eugene (Flynn) voiced by Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi
Now even though this short has Tangled in the title, Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn) aren’t the main focus. I mean, sure they are there but really, they are just there to help set up the short because the short opens with narration, the same way Flynn opened the film and how they closed the film. It was a nice touch.  But really, they were just there because they needed to be.  Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing but it’s just the way it is.
My Final Thoughts
I’ll admit that I had my reservations about this short in the past but thankfully, it turned out to be decent.   It’s a fun short and a nice follow up to Tangled.  If you liked the film, I think you’ll enjoy Tangled Ever After.  This is a short that I suggest you check out.  Now as stated above, the plot is rather thin but that’s okay because the antics work well for this short and is so funny.


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