Note: During my playthrough of Bulletstorm it crashed ¾ of the way through the game not letting me see the ending. Thankfully I have played enough to determine a full opinion on the game itself. Also this is an article from the GruntWatcher Archives.

When you think the name “Epic Games” the first thing to appear is games like “Gears of War” and “Unreal Tournament” however many seem to forget about the third IP that epic games created (actually it was people can fly who more of less developed it),Bulletstorm. With a title like that you would expect to be in for some good ol over the top violent fun, wrong. While the title does live up to its name it really needs to mellow out and leave its brain at the door.
So the story goes like this: you play as Grayson Hunt a former member of a black ops squad led by General Sarrano. Grayson wants revenge on Sarrano for misleading him on one of his missions so Grayson retaliates by destroying Sarrano’s Battlecruiser causing it to crash land on the planet Stygia however Grayson’s ship crashes on the planet aswell causing him and his cyborg partner Ishi to not only get off the planet, but finish their revenge.
Let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t work:
  • The graphics are good for the most part considering it’s powered by unreal engine 3 so at times it may encounter texture popins
  • The weapons are all unique in their own way with the added bonus of letting you upgrade their charge or ammo capacity
  • The game rewards you credits for creative ways of killing your enemy’s e.g. kicking your opponent off a cliff or blowing their torso off with a shotgun.

  • Bulletstorm has windows live built into it so it requires you to sign in with your xbox live account or live account. This can vary on which version of the game you have since PC’s no longer support games for windows.
  •  It takes itself way too seriously in terms of tone, story and character. They should have gone the blood dragon route and give Bulletstorm a sense of pure satirical fun of the FPS genre.
  • The characters are not very likable especially Ishi who is a total buzzkill throughout your entire playthrough also what the hell is up with his dialogue?
  • The humour falls flat on its ass since not a single one liner or comeback made me laugh.
  • The enemies all look the same with only slight variations carrying different weapons they remind me of the locust just replace their grey rocky skins with mad max wannabes.

So overall Bulletstorm is not worth your time and money. I would recommend you buy Unreal tournament 2004/Unreal tournament 3 or any of the first three Gears of War games. Till then I’ll see ya in the next review.

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