Are you always SEARCHING FOR something,
that expands on life,
but also explains oneself,
that won’t die,
nor over live others.

In thought of it all,
try and be CALM,
never let it happen all the time,
but don’t let it stay,
static as the dead.

The most RELAXED people and the kinds of hues,
understand of where this goes,
and not make a dent.

of the chances for choices,
that come seen to juggle in hand,
and only one lands,
on the foot,
for a wakeup call!

on how this came to be,
out of boredom,
or it was just time to stop,
and move onto to something else.

Bother keep the mind neither DISCERNING over things,
even the smallest detail,
on that nothing goes neither unnoticed,
nor forgotten that others could be blame to others!

But by all else,
keep on the INQUIRING,
to the larger details,
that what matters,
is here and now,
and one needs to embrace it.

and have for memories down the road,
as the hues fade away.

Not only ones have wondering minds of the past,
but for those who just INQUISITIVE,
nothing that should be something,
yet has not close to be.

In the end of it,
somehow remains INTRESTED,
and keep coming back,
for more,
with no real reason why.

Though the most funny thing ever,
are the ones don’t know really of how to respond back,
and for the better of it all.

Living forever in a immature atmosphere,
that blooms just good in the spring flare,
while having the gleams of the Chrysolite twine lies.




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