Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney Opens The Toy Box. And today, we are doing something a bit different as I do a game review of the online game, Day Care Dash   I haven’t done a game since I reviewed Tangled Double Trouble. 



(BTW, there is a Frozen clone of this game on Disney,com that I may review in the future).    Here’s how this will work,  I will look at characters, controls,  levels, collectibles,  and My Final Thoughts.


Woody  – You start the game as Woody and the first level   is just a training ground to get you used to Sunnyside and all of it’s perils.   And then you go through the levels and try to save the other toys. Start with Jessie and Bullseye. Each of the characters have a special move and Woody’s is that he is able to use his pull-string as a grappling hook to get to hard to reach places.  And after the toys save Rex, Woody can use the spacebar to call upon Rex to break walls made out of building blocks that are blocking your path.

Jessie (& Bullseye) –  The first toys you save are Jessie and Bullseye, even though the game only lists Jessie.   Jessie is one of the most important characters that you are going to need. As her special move with the spacebar is long jumps that Buzz and Woody cannot make. And after the toys rescue Slinky Dog, Jessie can call upon Slink and use him as a ladder to get the toys down from high places.

Buzz Lightyear –  The third and final toy that is added to your group is Buzz.  And just like his pals, his special move is that whenever you come across a spring, you press the spacebar, Buzz can fly into the air.  And  just like Woody and Jessie,  Buzz can call on Hamm, who can help the toys walk through things that require coins such as gumball machines or a snack machine, which Slinky Dog was trapped in.


Left/Right Arrow –   You use these arrows to move around the screen. Simple enough.

Down Arrow –   You use this arrow to switch between characters. However, I noticed that when you had three characters in your party, there was a slight delay in the game responding to which character, you picked. Especially, when your party was rather spread apart.

Spacebar –  As I went over with the characters, this button activates the characters’ special moves and can also be used to call upon the special characters to help  you get to areas that may not be able to access otherwise.


I will say that unlike the other game I reviewed,  the 6 levels in this game are much more expansive. And actually make Sunnyside feel big and huge.  Unlike Tangled Double Trouble, there aren’t too many obstacles that you have to watch out for but there is one standout level that is rather tough. That’s the third level,  Hamm Train.

Out of all the levels in this game, this is probably the toughest. The objective is that your’e trying to find Hamm’s cork. Seems easy enough but your’e on a moving toy train.  Most of the other levels are stationary but this one is made tough because of that fact and also because your’e so low to the ground whereas the other levels, your’e usually high up. It’s probably my favorite level because of the variety in it compared to the other levels.


There are only two types of collectibles.  The first one is stars, which are you standard coins for this type of game. And other one are the Pizza Planet Aliens. In each level, there’ll be three Aliens and after you rescue them, you’ll be taken to a bonus stage, where you play as the Aliens and control The Claw to pick up the Luxo Ball.

And to control The Claw, you use the left and arrows to slowly pick up the Luxo Ball.   Simple enough.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this game is pretty fun. I always have fun playing it. It’s a simple game but for an online game, there is a good time to be had.  Join me next time as we review the (currently) last film in the trilogy as I look at Toy Story 3.


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