If this one was seen,
and was greeted,
the being,
the shade,
the words would become and likely remain,
sadly UPTIGHT,
unsure on how else to respond back.

in being ALOOF,
about what is outside,
which comfort bubbles,
is just asking for,
too much of a good thing.

Beaten down by the past of ANGST,
chained by it,
slowly watching it rust,
against ashy dying skin,
that wants only sleep.

But the SULLEN fates,
that keep turning every corner,
give just the right jolt,
to awaken.

UNEASY steps made,
is an understatement for others,
in this dull shade,
as the steps take a drunken haul away.

In thinking that maybe,
smiling is not worth it,
just remain SAD,
with a straight phased ideal look,
upon the world,
looking at what it is,
than what others want it to be.

Could it be mistaken for giving up,
on everything,
but in truth,
the shades of this person,
are only TIRED,
and choose to no longer,
fight back,
even if could mean a difference.

Do not ever mistaken the lighter tones,
in the darker grimes of a DEPRESSED mind,
for that is not true,
despite it being hard,
very hard to swallow.

Hues as this,
just want to give LITTLE EMOTION,
around them,
in thinking another was broken,
not pulled in by tricks,
and tall tales,
but cheekily making their own.

and always being in the realm of the NERTRALITY of life,
walking into the battle field,
with no sword to fight,
and no shield to block the fight,
as they wished so to happen.

At times maybe a LITTLE NERVOUS,
of the path they walked upon,
on the dusty roads,
but the fading of distance in their eyes,
burns deeply.

To always be AT REST,
to others seeing someone,
who has given up,
but inside,
they pick their battles,
with wise and careful picks.

With the COOL steel words,
spoken with honesty,
doesn’t mean a white lie,
can’t slip by,
as a mistake or not.

In truth as in everything else,
they want to remain UNCONCERNED of life,
with the troubles,
and goals,
just dropped down,
and living for once.

They will always WORRIED for themselves,
and others,
but with just clearer minds,
leading them.

Sure they are INHIBITED to voice it out,
too scared to break the bubbles,
and give a shout,
relying on others to do,
but still inside,
they try unknowingly.

Being AFRAID is as what it has become to others,
a weakness and a strength,
it just depend on how,
one wants to use it.

As the slabs of gray linger around,
a distance storm will echo in our ears,
striking so strong will as akin of a stone to bone,
yet shines like a metal of sliver to others,
yet finds in being useful and protective as titanium shields,
against all else,
that is lost in often wrong-so clarity.




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