Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney Opens The Toy Box. And after some snafus, we are back to the Toy Story event.   And we pick up, where we left off with a countdown of the Top 6 Characters That Were Introduced in the (then) final installment of the Toy Story trilogy.  The only rule for this list was simple enough, so long as the characters were new to the third film, they are eligible for this list. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

6.  Big Baby
As I went over in my Villains Profile of Lots-o’, Big Baby is actually a rather tragic character. He starts out as nothing more than Lots-o’s muscle but after you learn his back story, you realize that there is more to him and unlike the evil teddy bear,  there is still some goodness left in him as can clearly be seen as he looks at the heart with Daisy’s name on it.  All of those memories of spending time with her come flooding back to him. And in a swift moment, this character is truly redeemed.  But he was never truly bad to begin with.
5. Trixie
Coming in at # 5, we have Trixie, Bonnie’s dinosaur toy.   And I love this character from the little bit of time, we get to spend with her.  She is just so fun, full of life and very exuberant. Whenever Trixie is on screen, you know a good time is going to be had.  She is the complete opposite of Rex in that sense as she is confident in herself.
4.  Chatter Telephone
Now, I’ll freely admit that this character may seem like an odd choice but while re-watching the third movie, Chatter Telephone really grew on me as a character.  In the overall story, he is a very very minor character that mostly provides exposition. But you feel for him as you see the wear and tear on him from being in Sunnyside for so long.  And when you see what Lots-o’s gang did to him for helping Andy’s toys, your heart just breaks for the poor toy.
He’s the old-timer that you want to see get out of there but you know that it may be too late after you see this.
3. Ken
Ken is easily one of the funniest characters in the entire Toy Story trilogy. I don’t know how they pulled it off but this film was able to take such a generic girl’s doll toy and turn him into such an over-the-top character that you couldn’t believe that this character was for real.  And I think one of the biggest selling factors in making Ken so likable and entertaining is Ken’s VA,  Micheal Keaton.  Seriously,   Keaton’s  voice performance is the highlight of his character.  Every time, Ken speaks, you can’t help but laugh.
2.  Bonnie Anderson
The new owner of Andy’s toys. She is the perfect child to take over that role.  As she shows all of her toys the love that they need.   And you even get that sense during her first playtime with Woody.
As my pal, Les once put it. She can go from 5 to 500 in a minute.  She has such a vivid imagination and you never know what’s going to come next.  It’s fun watching Bonnie as you see around other people, she is just so shy but when you get around toys, she truly opens up.   And you get to see the real Bonnie and that is truly a delight.
1. Mr. Pricklepants
My # 1 choice was easy enough.  It was always going to be Mr. Pricklepants.  You see, he’s a family favorite.  It’s just one of those things, whenever I mention him by name, my mom bursts into laughter.  But even going beyond that,  I love how he treats play time as a thespian masterclass.  He takes his acting in this very seriously and just like Micheal Keaton, it’s his VA, Timothy Dalton.   Dalton puts so much into how he plays Pricklepants that you buy into his acting chops during the playtime sessions. And he only gets better, the more you see him in further adventures.
There you have it, my look at the Top 6 Characters Introduced In Toy Story 3. Join me tomorrow as we do a game review as I look at the online game…
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