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Now I’m in the minority here, but I think Kingdom Hearts Re:coded was a good game. It introduced the series to all the beginner players out there. But I think they missed a brilliant opportunity. They were going inside a computer, so what better worlds to feature then that of PIXAR, the company that put CGI animation on the map? So lets imagine that Data Sora had gone into the digital world. What would he have found there?

Toy Story: A small, simple level that consists of Andy’s Bedroom, Sid’s Bedroom and Pizza Planet (maybe the gas station just for consistency’s sake). It follows the plot of the movie, only with the added bonus that there are Heartless running around possessing some toys and ultimately possessing Sid, to the point where you have to battle off the giant guy to finish the level. It’d explore the idea about whether toys can or cannot have hearts (since that’s one of the main themes of the series).

A Bug’s Life: Visiting Ant Island and the Bug City, you join Flick on his journey to recruit warriors and help fight off the grasshoppers. Naturally the boss is Hopper, who’s been possessed by a Heartless. Again, simple re-telling of the story found in the movie.

Toy Story 2: You know what’s a surprisingly good game. The Toy Story 2 tie-in game. It’s actually really fun. Anyway the story mostly takes place between Al’s Toy Barn and Al’s Apartment, where you rescue Woody early and negate the rest of the plot (because it’d be too long otherwise). You fight either a corrupted Prospector, or some giant toy-inspired Heartless. One of the two.

Monster’s Inc.: This one is interesting, cos technically Sora shouldn’t be seen here. He accidentally bumps into Scully while he’s running around with Boo. He agrees to help Scully get Boo back to her home, trying to keep out of sight of all the monsters. During this Waternoose decides to use the Heartless as their new scare technicians, but they come too rowdy and uncontrollable. Eventually there’s a big flying one, where you have to skate on the control room of doors to catch up with it and beat it up (as well as jumping through various doors at the same time).

Finding Nemo: The infamous Atlantica gameplay returns as Sora and co get turned back into animals. They help Marlin and Dory go off to find Nemo, battling against the sharks and other underwater menaces. They hold off a giant underwater Heartless whilst Marlin and Dory get away; but don’t get to meet up with them later. Only the player learns that they got united in the credits. Still, it shows the power of love and all that good stuff the series is about.

The Incredibles: Joining Mr Parr and his family in fighting against Syndrome, they team up to fight off the giant robot threatening to destroy the city. Nothing totally new here, since it’s probably the easiest world to make, but it does show the love of family.

Cars: Not sure how this one would work. In theory the characters would have to be turned into cars (and that wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in this series) and basically participate in a lot of races. Not sure you could even have a villain to fight in this, just a nice breather level where they get to drive around.

Ratatouille: Shrunk down to the size of rats, Sora and co have to help Remy fight off the head chef and make sure nobody interrupts his cooking. Again a good chance to show the heart someone pours into their work. Not all that different to the Toy Story World, except they have to fight a giant cat-shaped heartless.

Wall-E: Landing aboard the Axiom, they help Wall-E find EVE and deliver the plant safely. I love the idea of only Goofy being able to understand Wall-E and having to translate it for the rest of the crew. Course the big computer bad guy tries to get rid of the characters by doing something involved lasers and summoning a digital heartless. Fortunately the day is saved and the greatest romance movie ever made gets finished.

Up: They join Carl and Russell in the deep jungle as they find the rare bird, before having a fight on the top of the blimp with a giant bird heartless. Again the theme of this part is Carl learning to open up his heart up again and being more open.

Toy Story 3: The greatest movie ever made would make the greatest level ever. You go to the Day Care and the Junk yard, where you have to fight against a giant Heartless on fire. Something that’ll give all the kiddies nightmares. Plus you get to beat up Lotso, cos he totally deserves it for what he did.

Cars 2: See the entry on Cars, but with new tracks.

Brave: Join Meredith and her mum as they try to remove themselves from the curse and fight off a giant evil bear (cos the solution to all the problems seem to be turning people into bears) that’s possessed by the Heartless and they learn the power of hearts when it comes to family love. The usual really.

So what’s the overall story to this game? Well the idea about whether computer programs (for that’s what they characters are, based on real-world counterparts) can actually have hearts or not. Turns out that they can via their memories, meaning in turn they are somewhat alive. Meanwhile there’s been a corrupted computer virus trying to wipe out this program because it sees everything as inferior. Sora and co stand up and fight against the monster, finally managing to defeat it (not without jumping briefly through some of the other worlds at the same time). Thus they learn that even programs can have arts.

So there you have it. A brief look at what the next Kingdom Hearts game could be about. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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