Let’s know in this read,
some may come off,
oh so very MOODY,
no harshness done there,
but let’s at least get that out the way.

Already IRKED,
because the truth comes where,
in ways it is not needed,
but said,
because everyone has a range of shades,
to brush off,
take that for what it is.

How most MYSTICAL words,
spoken as they are,
shows no close noticed of it all,
but rips off like a bandage.

To be IN LOVE,
is knowing what it is,
when lost,
before earned back again,
a healing scar it becomes,
yet so jagged.

Blinded this shade can be,
so fog out,
it loses sense of the ROMANCE,
kindler spirits that roam the world,
forever spinning it.

Not of how this hue feels takes,
more than just a PHYSICALLY CHARGED,
that burns deeply down,
hollowing almost,
yet filling.
Seeking that SENSUAL dusk,
doesn’t grow on trees,
nor even found in the easiest places,
understand that,
or be lost forever more!

if you wish in the wear,
on your skin,
sting against the flesh,
on which does one joke after that.

The wish now,
is to be HAPPY,
so smile so easily,
and forgive everything,
and not bat an eye to the lie.

Deep down in the darkest shades,
this wear is the most,
bar none,
MISCHIEVOUS one around,
toying away,
making everyone else a fool,
but also very prideful inside.

Stay in INTRIGUED now,
could just bite you in the end,
or embrace you,
and guide you,
in the worlds of colors,
they go much farther,
than just a title and hue,
remember that.

Stay PASSIONATE in the end,
never let it go,
hold onto it all,
take with it stride and go forward in life.

The sign of the PREOCCUPIED happens,
more than anyone knows it,
yet despite it,
we again,
keep pressing on,
heavy shoulders akin to it all.

Ending it all,
ready for life,
even though,
in the real world,
we are worn out,
but somehow,
here we are,
still standing,
in a lovely shade.

Booming all the violet rays of shades,
to the silk softness of lavender,
but the strength of Byzantium,
yet remaining round and healthy as a sweet plum.




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