You always love playing this game,
being just so devious in your plays,
leaving no one a choice,
to back out,
having you a top victor.

I thought of other times,
in the past,
of those who were your prey,
how I knew the moment they went pale;
I would never see them again.

After so long in the years,
the number of people only grew,
as did the pain . . .
at first,
now it is just numb,
yet filled with so much anger.

I just want you gone,
with the sick games you play,
and to never come back.

A life after another,
gone just like that,
someone or someone else cared for,
taken away,
because life just runs like that.

just no!

Everyone always tries to stop you,
and the wins never feel worth it,
compare to all the losses,
because of you.

Faceless killer,
you just never stop,
in taking someone away,
no matter how much a fighter they are,
you just have feaster and win.

And I am sick and tired of all this,
you bring me and everyone else sorrow . . .
you won’t win,
and you are not taking this person away from me,
nor the family that cares for this person.

come in the boxing match,
you won’t make it . . .
he’s a fighter,
and this is a battle . . .
maybe a game to you,
but not to everyone else.

You are not going to win this one!

Never you will,
quit being a coward,
hiding behind a name,
just come out.


That’s all this sickness is,
a faceless coward,
so don’t let this thing,
consume oneself,
to the brink of insanity,
remain calm as we can and become fighters,
don’t let that faceless killer win.

We have to stay strong,
even if it feels points;
we have to least try,
and keep finding a way,
to stop the bitter sorrow game,
and it needs to stop.

For all those who are going through this,
with a faceless killer,
just try and be brave,
and fight for yourself or those that are known close and dear.

Hold onto them.

Fight with them,
before that faceless killer wins,
just fight on!




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