Hello & welcome back to The Magic of Storybrooke for the last time.  I’ve been struggling with this decision for a while.   Once Upon A Time is one of my all time favorite shows and I loved getting to share my thoughts  on some of the episodes with you but I’ve been noticing here for a while that the passion for reviewing Once has gone away.


I still love the show. Even through the ups and downs such as the Zelena arc.

But it also  gave me some of my favorite villains such as Pan.  And I will defend the Frozen arc as being really good too. Disney, we don’t need Frozen 2, when you gave that pretty good arc!

But I haven’t been fair to my readers with this series  as I’ve been inconsistent with the reviews.   I never finished reviewing the Frozen arc.  And  my time schedule for the Zelena arc was so spotty. And I’ve only reviewed one episode of the Queens of Darkness arc.   Now,   I want to clarify something I haven’t lost my love for Once  but  I’m  just burned out on episode reviews.   I now just want to watch the show and not feel like  I’m putting myself  on a deadline to get the reviews out before the next episode airs. So,   this is something I’ve thought about and I think it’s only right but  I just have to get in that yellow bug and cross the town line.

I just don’t feel the same passion writing about Once as I do for A Look at Disney or Trotting, these days.   I also  think that comes in part from I always knew that this was my least popular series and not many people read it.  So it always felt like the other series  instead of being  a part of the group.
Now,  I do want to make one thing clear.  Even though, I am putting an end to regular reviews of  Once.  You may see an occasional Storybrooke article pop up here and there. Oh,  and The Dark Magic of Storybrooke isn’t going anywhere because I love delving into the  dark side of  Once.  And I may have to cover a certain scene from last week’s episode for Halloween that may have redeemed Zelena. Not in making her a good person but in making her a real threat.
I want to thank everyone that has read The Magic of Storybrooke over the years but it’s  time to the covering of Once to someone else and if you guys really want to hear some good Once coverage,  check out,  Greetings From Storybrooke. 
I want to make it clear  that I am not leaving the fandom.  I will always be a Oncer but I just feel it’s time for me to move on from doing episode reviews.   Peace!

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