Nothing is more fun in getting to know someone,
who hits the ground running,
and just works with what they have,
in showing they have the passion,
others might not see,
but aims to those will listen.

Of the start of the old site,
Dom Perignon came in and turned a lot of things over,
no shyness this guy has,
for he’s got the brave chances,
and wit to back him up,
that he’s worth knowing.

After awhile,
there was a thought of just him coming in,
and be gone the next.

and the sheer gladness and glee this man brings in his reviews,
his thoughts of daily media,
is weapon of choice in this viewer battle,
that we all know as the internet.

Wishing that magic doesn’t fade,
comes in times when he’s gone too long,
after just leaving such a mark then and now,
coming in passing days,
his little shine hasn’t even faded to a dying ember.

He’s got a lot in him,
yet life holds back,
and leaves it a fight to lose or win,
as everyone knows,
and when he comes through,
it is always a win in the end.

There is so much more to say about him,
but with little to work with,
this doesn’t come off as a worthy gift,
but a steady warm up.

Fitting in mirroring,
a fine reviewer such as Dom Perignon,
and when everything comes together.

It will be worth it!

But for now,
takes this for what it is,
and just seeing his work,
you will be disappointed,
and be like others,
wanting more.

Take a bow Dom Perignon,
for your passion in this reviewing ways is growing,
and doing well than you know.

Keep it up!




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