So I finally submitted my first piece of work to this site (and was happy with the positive responses) but unfortunately I’m going to have to put my future content on hold for the next two weeks.

I definitely wasn’t expecting that…

Thankfully this isn’t due to any bad or unforeseen circumstances (i.e. my temperamental illness), no nothing bad at all. In fact it’s something pretty exciting, a very good friend has ensnared me and convinced me to work on a game for an upcoming Game Jam.

He wants me to work solely on scripting/writing, which is very exciting and also very scary. It’s a field of work I’ve always wanted to get involved with and I cannot pass this opportunity up since this will be the first game I’ve been involved with (in a design capacity). Plus the overall style and tone is right up my alley.


On the plus side I have roughly four videos ready to edit with a further three-five already scripted, so once this Game Jam finishes you should expect to see more of my lovely(?) mug. There’s one video in particular that I cannot wait to finish, sure it may be your typical ‘angry review’, but the anger displayed (mainly in my voice) was genuine since I’d only recently just played the game in question… the pain was real.

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