WWH is an original CAW league made for Entertaining fans with high flying, hard hitting and exciting wrestling.

This episode begins the huge 16 man tournament to crown the first ever World Wrestling Honour Champion. Not only that we also begin the Tag Title and the Iron Ring Tournaments,

So sit back and enjoy!

The Card.

Match 1
WWH Title Tournament Match
Jaysin Richardson vs Jacoby Tanner

Match 2
Iron Ring Tournament Match
Rob Chambers vs Eddie Bey

Match 3
WWH Title Tournament Match
Anton Ivanov vs Mohammed Bashir

Match 4
WWH Tag Team Tournament Match
Fun Loving Animals vs House of Mercy

Match 5
WWH Title Tournament Match
Aaron Fletcher vs Solomon

Match 6
Extreme Rules Match
Jimmy Payne vs Chucky Lough

Main Event
WWH Title Tournament Match
The Black Heart vs Robert Clark

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