Fool me once . . . shame on me. Fool me twice . . . shame on you. Fool me thrice . . . the world is doomed.

Hello and Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to another Media Blitz where, I, T-kun makes a big . . .

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. . . Yep! A big fool out of herself, because she has no idea what she is doing for this blog, so I am skipping on it being a blog swap and just make it a gift for the sake on not letting this day be left unsaid, that I didn’t want try for showing on how Chilton’s work can be awesome when seeing them when they come around.

With that, among a try in writing in his style of blogs, here are the top 12 April Fool’s media pranks that went up and beyond than anyone thought could happen . . . let’s gets this train wreak over with, shall we?

Starting now first choice to go on . . .





  1. IKEA HUNDSTOL Dog Highchair – Just as the title says, IKEA’s latest idea was all about baby-like Furniture, mostly for dogs of all sizes. Half of their slogan is that if enough sold, the following animals would also get the same treatment; cats, birds, fish, monkeys, lizards, hand size bugs, children, and dinosaurs . . . if you were following the list, you wouldn’t have called the number, only laughing at how the commotional plays off. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, if haven’t 54% of consumers, that fell for it and sent complains for false ads when finding out it wasn’t real. One thing IKEA got right, is selling BS with a smile, good for them.



  1. Introducing Google Translate for Animals – Counting on how most feel about Google Translator is another salt wound all on its own. So to even just have one center around animals, the crazies will be happy for it, sadly again; this was another one that was taken too far for anyone liking. One true funny part that is really no joke, to this is that there is an app being made for it, because someone thought it was an idea, that shouldn’t be laugh at. To those people, all the power to them, I just won’t be one those buyers.



  1. Legend of Zelda (April Fools’ Day) Movie Trailer Premiere – The truth of how well it looks, makes it only hurt more, of how the outcome became . . . Sorry fans, just like me, it will likely never happen, but think about it like this; the fan base for this is strong enough for even making a counterfeit trailer, so take that for what it is.



  1. Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM – People, this was edited for fun and laughs, so don’t bother or even dare on trying to make it real! Don’t! Just don’t!



  1. Netflix’s new original series, Sizzling Bacon – Away from the TV setting and all the way to the internet, Netflix takes a shot at it . . . and got people interested, even if it wasn’t real. I guess there are just some shows, media lovers love, is when seating in front a screen for twenty minutes watching get cook . . . I will never under the larger consumers intake worship of Bacon . . . help me understand that, please.



  1. Captain Morgan’s Taco Rum – And another drink makes it on the list . . . for those who enjoy Captain Morgan, remember it’s fake, sure someone was all for it and humor Twitter lines with a picture of it, the flavor never took off, but with how people are now today for testing out strange flavors . . . it could happen, as of now, it is not even a rumor, but who knows. A strong maybe; takes that as a joke or not, is all up to, you, readers.



  1. Fresh Direct – One of the best off the ground fakes out made by little to no one heard makers. Sure it is about a huge Eagle freshly delivering food from the forest on your plate for a reasonable prize and to where you live, thirty minutes or less, and it is free. So easily fake, but the makers had fun and went all out, give them props for that at least.



  1. Man-Eating Piranhas – Now we are aiming for the much older classics of media, not which far back in 1974, on April first, a sports writer thought of a joke, in speaking about a loose range of piranhas were found in the upper water areas in New York, because of a deviling mixed up, rumored to have eaten an Ox. Unknown to most, it was trout for fishing season . . . ending with the good old lines that it was all baloney. ALL PURE BALONEY, yet by the end of the read of it, no one saw the final printed words, of seeing it was a joke . . . worried and fear tone calls followed, you can take a guess of what happen to the poor soul that wrote that page. Lesson here, when making a joke, be ready for the trouble to come, as for the same for the next choices as well.



  1. Welcome To Chicago! – In 1992, a Hollywood joke gone somewhat wrong that it was good. Okay, with that, let’s go on with what went wrong, a with a Postmen crew wanted to do a nice calming joke, by placing a huge sign that was about eighty-five foot long, over where the Hollywood Parker sign was, good eyeing view of the Los Angeles airport. The real joke here, it last for two days before being pulled down . . . it’s a good laugh, which can last only so long, before complainers come knocking.



  1. The Frankfurt Zoo’s White Elephant – let’s all know this, not all pranks end in horror, being hurtful, or anything insane for the believers who don’t understand the full place of a joke, yet up being used for a good cause. Back in the year 1942, post-war Germany, the zoo’s director, Berhard Grzimek put out announcements of the first ever white breed elephant would be at his zoo for one day, it brought in a lot money and saved the zoo from being closed down, a good portion of the people that was duped in coming to see the very easy to tell white painted elephant, some even recalling of the good times of when they were kids and love coming to zoo, and for that kept the zoo running. It was a sneaky trick that had a happy ending. — I have later found out the date it wrong, but the overall story of it, has earned a cheat, the real date was around the 1930’s in October . . . but still funny and for a good cause. It has earn a cheat, and with that, have a good day.



  1. Escape of the Duke of Lorraine – Going to take the way back machine all the way back in the year of 1634, where as the story goes during the Holy Roman Empire’s Thirty Years’ War against the King of France, where the Duke and Duchess of the Holy Roman Empire locked away, by the King of France, going days on telling of all the escape routes they found while being locked away, with such a worry it was, had them only on close eye from then on, but by the time April first came around in France, known as Poisson d’Avril French style of April Fool’s, giving the perfect chance of the Duke and Duchess dressing as peasant street sellers, able to walk out the door, fooling the guards as they did, having only been caught by a passing peasant, and it was reported, under as false, yet spoken to many times, it went all the way to the king, but since it was April Fool’s day, it was only seen as a joke, and by the time the king found out the truth, the Duke and Duchess were already safely home. On the matters are true or not, leads up only to you, so believe or not.



  1. Washing the Lions – To end this countdown list, will be the world’s longest joke that still goes on, even to this day. A joke with no identify date, coming from the early 1500’s or to the start of the 1600’s, out-of-towners to England would be handed out small cards, entailing informing about the Tower of London having their showing of lions being washed, which could be seen at the White Gate near the moat . . . you know, if there was one, only ending for the duped trying to find the gates, soon giving up and carrying on their day or even going to locals about this news, again, the results are priceless. A joke still told on a much smaller scale, compare to past years, and from how it going now, doesn’t seem like a joke, that is never going to stopped being funny . . . for those planning to go to England, you have been warned.





And with that, we end this blog of fools for you, again readers, to enjoy your April Fool’s day, because there are some people, which are just horrible at it. So if you prank someone like I, give no warning, airheads like us, have it coming.

Thanks for reading, and have a foolish day!

Beware of April Fools on the 1st of April!

Though, fair warn . . . not ever prank is going to be a slap on the wrist. Again, you have been warned. Later!




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