Off the bat,
this shade is nothing in wear of one person,
CHALLENGED in getting out there,
but they try,
they push themselves in doing it,
because they have a voice,
and want it to be heard.

The ranges of the tone of the color,
enhance only the trouble of it being A LITTLE NERVOURS about their surroundings,
but still take a step.

In many cases only to be COOL,
happily doing what they did,
yet even deep down,
it is far from enough,
so onward they do.

Mostly on it is the EMOTIONAL toll it will take,
but they take it in stride,
iffy as it is.

SINCERE in their choices,
the bold glow of this shade goes,
in change.

Leaving next only the CONVERNED feels it will give,
to others,
of who do not understand,
their pain.

To be near them must take hold of the BITTERSWEET taste they give,
brasher than honey it is,
but solid in form.

they forever remain LOVEABLE,
holding dear,
in what they care for.

on walking forward into the future,
yet soon dim at times,
it remains as a passably cinder.

Parting on that makes it CONFUSED talk in passing,
yet makes little,
in changing that one thing.

Making or becoming UPSET is never the goal,
hitherto of it all,
becomes just a game to hold or yielded from it.

Mark them as ALOOF to sand in winter and be done with it,
for only pain will likely shoulder along one self,
in this shade alone.

They will forever remain CRYPTIC to the eye,
teasing at best,
caring to most,
and just cold ice breath to hatred.

To the end,
this lone shade will always have the MIXED EMOTIONS,
that make or break a person of their will,
and such else,
but also pushes it farther than any other.

Lone amber that seeps down, to the saffron of lies,
burning a solo hot flame,
clashing with the gallant bullion,
while the fighters guard themselves with brass blades,
in a gung-ho battle to the end.




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