You know me as a  Disney fan, a Oncer or a Brony but I have a confession to make.  I’m a Gleek.   I know liking Glee isn’t popular because it’s not considered by many to be a good show but  since the very first season, I love this show.  I love the characters,  I went through all the ups and downs of the show.  And like most people, who watched the pilot,  I was hooked the moment, I heard the Glee Club sing “Don’t Stop Believin'”



And I mean I would love to have a teacher like Will Shuester.














I always got the sense  that he cared about the kids in his glee club.  And   when I watched the show, especially the early seasons, I felt as though I was a part of the New Directions.  And while I am a horrible singer, I did sing along with some of the numbers because I got caught up in the moment.   I bring all of this up because tonight is the series finale of Glee and I’m just not ready to say goodbye.   I mean agree with other fans that it should have ended last season after Finn passed but now with the finale looming upon me,  I don’t want it to end.  I’ve been lying to myself with each of the promos this season saying how many episodes left, that “No, this isn’t true and there will be another season” but I can’t keep up this charade any longer.   This show is special to me because not only did it introduce me to songs that I may have otherwise heard such as “Run, Joey, Run”,




It was also a show that my mom and I bonded over as I found in the second season, namely The Rocky Horror Glee Show, (Which in hindsight was okay),  my mom watched this show as well and from that episode forward, we watched it together.














And to me, that is something special.   I mean, I’m such a big fan that when they released the 3D concert in theaters for a limited release, I went to go see it. With my mom, of course.   And  I still maintain that concert was one of the best things that the show has ever done.  Do I have issues with the show?  Yeah, namely how much of a cartoon characters, Sue Sylvester is.




















But  Jane Lynch is quite  good in the role.   But  I would be lying, if I didn’t say I still love this show.  I do and  those of you that listened to my Tribute podcast, I did when Cory Monetheith passed away,  know  that this show meant a lot to me.   His  death hit  me hard with this show because his character, Finn was my favorite character.  And having him pass away in real life was tough but then when Glee did the tribute episode for his character and acknowledged that Finn had died,  it was just as hard.  And from what I’ve read, it was hard for the cast as they could barely get through filming that episode.  Especially Lea Michele, who played his Rachel, Finn’s love interest but beyond Cory and Lea were dating in real life.


The quarterback










I guess what  I’m getting at here is that while  I may  not talk about my love of this show that much here,  I’m gonna miss it  and  there is a hint of sadness in me knowing that this will be the last time I see these characters together.  Again, I know that a lot of people deem it uncool to like this show but I don’t care because I LOVE this show and I’ve loved it since it first started.  Having said that though, my  love has not blinded me to some  of the missteps that the show had taken.  And there may have been a few bumps along the ride with this show but it’s a ride that I was happy to take.  And I’m just not ready to get off of it. But alas, the time has come to say goodbye to this show that I will always cherish.  And to close it out, I’m going to share with you, their two Disney covers.  Hey, I had to work Disney into this somehow.  So, to  end this  I give you  their cover of Bella Notte from season 2 and from this season, Lea Michele’s take on what else, Let It Go.




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