You come in,
wear this color,
so bright,
that becoming just odd,
matching with nothing,
having it stand alone,
just as one wants it,
forever ON EDGE,
and going nowhere.

On sight of it,
those clans only is BUSY,
because it strains away,
but also near.

Hue of this,
means nothing else,
but gives DARING WANTS what others,
only sees in needs,
because of reasons unknown.

Sure there is GUILTY FEELINGS,
at times,
as nowhere on doubt,
just on plush fruit.

that lies with being,
IMPATIENT only gives the need to be wild,
jack of all trades,
and never staying in place,
for too long.

For their mind is always THINKING,
always going,
just second by second,
no stopping,
never pausing for a jiffy.

As they are SEARCHING,
just opening the world’s secrets,
finding all there is,
as it just slips away,
not long later.

Why would they ever not,
do this,
for shades of all,
become just EXCITED on what,
they can find,
while going into a new world,
unknown to others.

For they,
them and their shade,
because they more than just black,
and gray.

Maybe in so,
their thoughts could be DISTURBED beyond,
what others could be lost,
yet also to wonder of where it goes.

Leaving on else to be NERVOUS,
as they keep going,
dragging themselves into a grave,
along with others,
no care,
but they are living.

Sure to some,
others will glance at the color,
and nothing else,
jabbing to the bones to brittle,
falling apart,
just as so.

Become being WORRIED,
for nothing else,
feels more on this,
jump down and go places.

But in the end of it all,
this color is nothing more,
but shows it all the way,
AGGRESSIVE tone all it is,
nothing else on that,
and just does so.

Little boom of orange,
even on coquelicot that tangles with tangerine,
while soon gold is left on,
being just a pulsing sunstone,
leaving all in blinding nothing else.




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