Time to bring in the bright and bold,
a hue that is HOT on sight,
burning it feels at the touch,
but so cool,
smooth silk,
and just show stopping.

This color is a PASSIONATE tone,
animated when seen,
as once it is there,
it never discontinues.

Maybe in cases,
it will bring INSECURE sentiment,
which overcomes in others to speak out.

it doesn’t stop from falling IN Love with it,
when the seasons come to it,
or a shocking film to state it.

Being ANXIOUS is a normal response,
for it might not be calm,
others can be.

Let’s be fair,
and just do it,
go and overboard in what it can do,
time to be ACTIVE and go for it! Inside,
so easy to tell,
we all have that ADVENTUROUS mood,
that just goes up and beyond,
in action.

Time to be AWE-STRUCK,
wow out to others,
stop the world,
bring the eyes one self,
and flaunt it!

Feeling AROUSED,
is a normal caution,
so relax,
once it’s gone,
life will be breathable again.

As that daring tint,
is just shameless ALLURED others in,
because on the shown power of it,
dims nothing,
glows it all.

Let’s show that,
even for a moment,
of an EXCITED day,
as the sun goes down,
just an off hours,
happy hour anyone?

Sensitivity of TENSED shoulders are likely in contain happens,
to fight or fly,
is all left to do.

Becoming only THRILLED,
to know that the fun is far from other,
just now to scream and party!

No need to be ALARMED there,
don’t fear off,
it’s just a hue.

Though no lie,
there is that FEARFUL gist,
that is hard to overlook,
and think the world is easy,
but when goes,
while one stops,
it only takes a second to mess it all up.

Sure in weakness spares,
we all become,
in those deep shades of an ANGERED beast,
which just doesn’t,
come off easy,
to brush off,
nor handle with ease,
even in myth,
that color is strong.

Leaving nothing to be overly STRESSED,
the ways to tame it,
able enough to do,
just try it.

Coming near it,
it will go low,
and just down right,
be a HARASSED bull,
dye in rage,
as the days tick.

that is shades of red,
from its soul lines of media love dark sienna,
over to the little sweet smell rose,
and gone off with garnet strong coat.




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