Top 13 Final Fantasy Weapons

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While the monsters of Final Fantasy may be tough they’re no match for the unique and powerful weapons that the heroes of Final Fantasy use to stop them. There are basic guidelines for this list and no Limit Breaks, Summons, or Magic and very few special abilities. These weapons aren’t just your typical sword or gun (Final Fantasy is unorthodox in that it defies traditional fantasy and has characters use multiple firearms) they’re designs are unique and very stylized while some are very basic, but can deal extreme damage. These weapons are the best of the best and are guaranteed to kick some ass!

#13 Excalibur from multiple Final Fantasies

The earliest “super” weapons that the player could wield in the first few Final Fantasy games were based on established mythological weapons and Excalibur being one of them. This legendary sword has served as the most powerful sword since the first game onward through about 5 until my #1 pick usurped it. Not every character could use it though because equipment was based on character abilities that were limited to jobs and character roles and proficiencies (knight, mages, dragoons etc)


#12 Masamune from many Final Fantasies

The companion sword to Excalibur in the early days of Final Fantasy. Like Excalibur in Japanese culture the Masamune is the name of, according to legend, the greatest sword smith of all time who made swords that were according to legends blessed by the Gods just like Excalibur. Usually found in a chest in the last dungeon of the game its power is on par or slightly above or below Excalibur and if two characters of decent level have Masamune and Excalibur equipped you’re good to go in terms of physical power.


#11 Throw Items and Gil from many Final Fantasies

If you’re playing with a ninja character you have the ability to throw certain items. The main throwing item is a shuriken which causes a lot of damage (especially in FF 3 and are essential to defeating the Final Boss) it doesn’t have to be shurikens or boomerangs it can actually be other weapons or even some random items. These items when thrown are gone for good so it’s a great way of clearing out the inventory and surprisingly cause a lot of damage. The other item in the slot is Gil which is the currency of the Final Fantasy games. Money is one of the deadliest things of all time and has been the motivation and cause of great destruction throughout time so why not make it a weapon? Originally the Samurai job had the ability to throw gil, but since the Samurai didn’t really return in other games that ability was given to the Gambler or Thief jobs. Basically the ability is most commonly known as Gil Toss and the character literally throws money at the enemy! The damage calculated depending on the game is usually the damage limit of 9999 damage or it may go beyond because it’s a special ability. It seems money really does bring death in its wake.


#10 Wakka’s Blitzballs from Final Fantasy X

You know your ego as a monster is destroyed when you get to Hell and the cause of your death was getting hit with a ball used in sporting events! This is one of the stranger weapons and considering this is Final Fantasy and the last slot was money, that’s saying a lot! Anyway Wakka is a professional Blitzball athlete (the sport of the world of FFX) and he uses the ball as a weapon that is very strong and effective in killing virtually any flying enemy or one that a swordsman can’t reach. The other types of balls you can buy for him (laugh at an unintentional and immature joke now) look very cool and come with spikes and his legendary weapon has like saw blades on it. That’s actually pretty freakin’ cool and can make enemies weep for mercy and destroy their egos.


#9 MIME from many Final Fantasies

Like Gil Toss and Throw these are exceptions to the rule of no special abilities. The reason why is that some of them are too interesting or cool to pass up, and the Mime ability is one of them. Mime is an ability that as the ability implies mimics the command of the character that went before (enemies excluded of course). In other words this character and this ability can perform every spell or attack or ability in that entire game. In the fighting game and series 20th Anniversary special , Dissidia it gets even better the character of Bartz (the main character of Final Fantasy V) is a mime and can use every single hero’s weapon and ability to have extremely diverse fighting styles and it’s only fair that the weapon that can be any weapon the wielder wants to be deserves to be on this list.


#8 Blood Sword Final Fantasy 2 version

Now the Blood Sword has appeared in other FF games before as a decently powerful sword that has the drain ability which means when you hit the enemy and whatever damage was taken off the enemy was given to you in health. If you used it against undead monsters though the health drained would cause damage due to the backwards nature of healing and undead. But that’s not why the Blood Sword is on the list. The Final Fantasy 2 version is awesome! The Blood Sword is a very hard weapon to get and if you didn’t know about it and you passed it by you were screwed. If you did manage to find it and were put off by its crappy stats and sold it then you were even more screwed because you actually found it and then got rid of it! Okay this is how the Blood Sword works. The stats on its own is fairly weak, but its power comes from the health of your enemies. If the health of the enemy is really high the damage dealt is proportional to that health so the damage dealt is incredibly astronomical against bosses so that is the only time the sword is really useful. Still it is a lifesaver in the final dungeon Pandemonium. Most bosses die within 3 hits with the Blood Sword even the final boss! A weapon that powerful should definitely be here!


#7 Dragoon Spears from many Final Fantasies

Yeah you can’t go wrong with spears. A basic weapon, but very effective especially when it’s in the hands of the job class that has mastered the weapon the Dragoon. The spear can range in power level from decent to insanely powerful and when it’s paired with the Dragoon’s Jump ability the damage done is astronomical! The spear is also a weapon that looks cool and imposing that that Dragoon means business and will kick your ass or jump 3 miles into the air and come crashing down 50 times the speed of gravity and impale you with all that force! The spear is a classic weapon and we haven’t seen the last of it in Final Fantasy.


#6 Fists from many Final Fantasies

It’s one thing to fight an intimidating monster with a sword or spear hell even money, but another thing entirely to have no weapon and just punch that ugly beast in the face! The Monk has been a Final Fantasy job since the very beginning! While they can use nunchucks or claw gloves they are still very strong bare handed! The hilarious thing about it is if the game allows you and you equip a non glove weapon their strength will actually DECREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do more damage without a weapon!!!! That’s weird and awesome at the same time! It takes nerves of steel to defeat not just monsters, but Final Bosses that are basically Gods with your bare hands!!!! How many heroes can say that they fought a God with their BARE HANDS and won and actually killed the evil God? Not many so I don’t think I need to say any more on why fists if you’re trained right are incredible weapons!


#5 Lightning’s Gunblades from Final Fantasy XIII

Now you’re probably wondering why I just didn’t put all the gunblades from this game and Final Fantasy VIII into this slot. Well I chose one of Squall’s Gunblades to have its own slot so I put Lightning’s in a class of their own. These Gunblades are very different and unlike Squall’s they are swords that actually become guns. This allows for very creative and awesome maneuvers and choreography when Lightning is fighting. Their slick, versatile and two weapons in one!


#4 Brotherhood from Final Fantasy X

This is the main sword to the main character to Final Fantasy X. This is a sword that Wakka gave to Tidus as a gift. The sword was meant for Wakka’s brother, but he never used it. The sword is beautiful in design. It has water flowing inside of it!! Whether by magic or not the effect is awesome. It’s the most powerful weapon in the game at the time you get it, but it becomes obsolete only to become badass again after a story event in the middle of the adventure! Since Tidus’s legendary weapon is a pain in the rear to get I gave up and stuck with Brotherhood and it’s a great sword as long as you don’t use it against enemies that absorb water!


#3 Lion Heart from Final Fantasy VIII

This is Squall’s most powerful Gunblade! This Gunblade just looks cool with a nice blue blade of energy with a needlessly complicated and stylized hilt, but it still looks just awesome and it’s also extremely powerful to boot! If it’s used right and the stats are in order it can easily be the most powerful weapon in the game.


#2 Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII

I don’t care what the haters say this sword is the most recognizable weapon in Final Fantasy! It is awesome with the blade being absolutely huge that is excellent for completely blocking gunfire and other projectiles and Cloud, Zack and Angeal (the wielders of the sword) are skilled enough in using it so that despite the size and weight are extremely fast so the weaknesses and drawbacks with the sword is drastically minimized and I find it convenient that the places are wide enough for you to actually effectively use the sword! The Buster Sword lives up to its reputation and kicks all kinds of ass with its sheer size and awesome design!


#1 The ULTIMA WEAPON from many Final Fantasies

To be honest how could #1 be anything else? This is the weapon that slapped Excalibur and Masamune in the face and knocked them to the bottom of the list. This is truly as the name implies the Ultimate weapon! First debuted in Final Fantasy VI the weapon had a power scheme similar to the Blood Sword, but far more useful instead damage was proportional to the wielder’s health. In other words the higher in health your character was the stronger the blade would become and maxing out when your character was maxed out. This really was the most powerful weapon in the game! In Final Fantasy VII it was Cloud’s Ultimate Weapon and was a huge clear blue sword that is slick and awesome and does tremendous damage on it’s own, but when 4 Cut is attached he’s unstoppable! It oddly skipped 8 in favor of the Lionheart, but the FFVII version did appear as the sword wielded by the Ultima Weapon monster! The blade was the ultimate weapon of main character Zidane in Final Fantasy IX and was the Japanese name to Tidus’s ultimate weapon in X. The backstory at least in Final Fantasy VI was that it was a weapon forged during the War of the Magi along with the creation of the Ultima Weapon monster. The name is derived from the most powerful spell in existence Ultima. This sword is so awesome that they actually made it cross franchises and is also the most powerful weapon and Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts universe as well! So really a weapon forged by divine and mystical energy to be either the most powerful blade in existence or constantly grow in power has to be the best weapon EVER!!!!!!! So without a doubt the Ultima Weapon is the best Final Fantasy Weapon!

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