So it seen,
this color may not come as the most,
flattering dye,
but maybe the words that follow it,
make it understandable in the long run?

On sight,
they could be WORRIED of things,
which might mean minor to others;
it’s a do or dies deal,
for them.

May even give some,
to everything around them,
because of reasons,
that don’t have a straight answer,
and at times,
though rate small on it,
doesn’t need one!

They’ll be RESTLESS on thoughts that need answers,
minor or major,
they just can’t go unsaid.

There are moments,
where things become too much,
just pour out,
like a river,
in an endless rant,
in thinking justice will come,
it’s all for do or die,
for them.

As this color also,
known to have the JITTERS,
since being on the move or fearing,
of what could come,
this person who wears this,
can’t stay still,
and needs to go do something,
in screams or not.

Wear this tint,
is saying,
there are things that,
and need looking into,
sadly though,
there is lack of sureness,
on where to start,
or better yet,
when to stop.

Leaving it as is,
being PUZZLED,
mask their faces,
as again,
they lack in knowing what to do,
even there is no real risk,
but again,
lost in thoughts.

It will leave them,
in the kindest way of saying it,
for that is the truth of it,
like it or not.

Or sure,
being ADAPTIVE in changes,
but how they try,
they go all the way,
and beyond most other colors.

Oh in sure,
they’ll come off as REACTIVE to everything,
why is that,
wear the color or find the color,
the responses,
are never bland,
the best rants,
come from them.

Forming in this shade,
they’ll go places,
far and wide,
and never end it.

Even in FEAR,
that’s how they are,
they go for it,
thinking with logic,
compare and contrast,
all the way.

Leaving nothing to it all,
that runs through them,
as these range of hues,
that after everything,
things can only go up,
from there.

Leave to tan,
and its siblings;
of dark down to beige to copper to all the way bronze,
that is a third place medal,
that means you didn’t lose,
but you tried.




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