Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. In anticpation of the new Cinderella coming out, this month I went back and watched the classic.  It still holds up as one of my favorites and Cinderella is just the kindest, sweetest princess that there is and today, I want to share with you, my Top 6 Cinderella Moments.

My  number 6 moment doesn’t  come from her movie unlike the rest of the list but rather from the pilot of Sofia The First and it’s a nice song of wisdom that Cinderella passes on to the little princess to try and avoid having the same broken relationship that Cinderella sadly had with her stepsisters.   It’s solid advice and one of the best songs from this show.
5. Saving Gus Gus
With how prominent, Gus Gus was in the movie I forgot that he was new to the household and that Cinderella’s  other mice friends  told her that he needed saving. This is a small moment in the grand scheme of things but it shows Cinderella’s  kindness and caring nature towards animals as she saves  Gus Gus from being eaten by Lucifer. And she  even has  a little pair of clothes ready for the mouse and in essence gives him a home.  As Les once pointed out once,  Cinderella  has a Fluttershy like nature to her and I think that is why I’m so drawn to her because like Flutters,  Cinderella  is able to show kindness to everyone that she comes across. Even a tiny mouse.
4.  Putting On The Slipper
Now, I’m sure a lot of you expected this to be the # 1 moment but there is a much more iconic moment that took that spot.  Cinderella putting on the glass slipper is an important moment for the friendliest princess as this is where she gets her happy ending.  And all throughout the  movie, you want to see Cindy get her happy ending and knowing that Lady Tremaine is trying to keep it from her makes you angry but you overjoyed, when she puts on the slipper as you know that it’ll fit and it will lead Cinderella to getting her happy ending.  And  this moment made the glass slipper, a sign of happiness and love.
I’ve admitted in the past I don’t like Charming as he doesn’t have a personality other than falling in love with Cinderella. I will even concede that Phillip from the much loathed Sleeping Beauty does more than Prince Charming but having said that, there is something magical about watching Cinderella dance with her prince.  I just get swept up in the moment as this is easily, one of the most beautiful dances in any Disney movie. It’s graceful and elegant, just like Cinderella.  It’s a very mature and awe-inspiring dance that you can’t help get caught up in.
Pretty!   Oh,  Cinderella  has most the prettiest voices in a Disney movie and this song right here shows that.  Sure, it’s an “I Want” song but it is sung well and again, it shows  us the lovely and  kind person that Cinderella is. And it lets the audience  know why Cinderella wants a better life, even thought, that’s plain to see.  Though, the biggest reason it’s so high on my list is Ilene Woods’ singing voice is just so gorgeous.  You don’t hear singing like this in a Disney movie nowadays.
1. The Dress Transformation
Yeah,  when I mentioned a more iconic moment as my # 1 moment. You probably figured that I meant this moment but I can’t help it.  This moment is just great. Easily, one of the best transformations in a classic Disney movie.  Seeing Cinderella’s torn dress be turned into her now class ballgown is just well, magical.  I mentioned that Cinderella putting on the slipper was getting her happy ending, well the dress transformation and the whole sequence with Fairy Godmother is the first step in her getting her happy ending. Now sure, she had some help but it’s a fairy tale and we should be able to overlook that.   In many ways, Cinderella getting this beautiful ballgown can viewed as a reward for patiently putting up with The Tremaines and through everything, showing them kindness.  Cinderella did everything she was told and never asked for much until the ball came along but even then, The Tremaines were cruel to her and tore her dress to shreds.  And when Cinderella thinks that she is broken,  she has someone come into her life that truly does care about her and rewards her kindness.  As this dress reflects the kindness and beauty of Cinderella.
There you have it, my Top 6 Cinderella Moments. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list and let me know in the comments, what some of your favorite Cinderella moments are. Peace!


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