Did you hear the sordid cries,
of those who say the world is awful,
that the world was damned from the start?

It burns a flame that can’t be put out,
just linger on fuse that,
ever ends its ember glow,
such as for it,
damned the world it became to be,
yet in for now,
what others see as the damned,
is the raging new norm,
too much in seeming,
that normal lost its meaning.

Before others even,
knew what was declare normal,
abnormal is being out there,
having fun, being oneself,
and reaching goals,
only one could do.

Normal was the word,
in seeing as boring,
following an order,
doing simple things to just get by,
that would likely not be judge by others,
to a harmful degree.

So even after all that,
does it mean,
anything less,
of to knowing of this,
as many have said before,
this was a chain reaction,
to something we all ended up doing,
without even knowing why,
other than we must,
for you and I,
may follow other ways of life,
doesn’t change and facts from fictions,
and vise-versa.

It left a whisper,
to follow to lead astray,
to go near or say goodbye,
it’s the chain reaction,
staying silent or commenting about,
to voice one other thoughts,
because it felt so in need of it.
Ginger in safe steps,
trying not to sound too bold,
or just being a troll,
that’s just how it is,
a chain reaction.

Thoughts of maybe dying the world in hues of purple,
why so on that,
one color,
because it’s the color of a raw shadow shade,
that mixture the prime colors that in ways divides all of us,
black and white,
have become too easy,
and the true gray had lost,
it’s meaning long ago,
for those who try to make it,
a moment in time to remember.

Not for what stands for!

Thus new hue that,
at times will paint the sky,
a new meaning to it all,
a mixture of it all,
in time to sing a original chant,
that reacts the not just the chain,
but what it holds down.

By far in seeing it all,
as far one will go,
not stay beneath the finger that cards the wind we breathe,
it needs to try,
even for a second counts for something.

Live in moment and sing it for the world to hear,
all the way to Mercury and back,
because let’s not aim too high,
but enough,
that it means something!

To only oneself,
but to others,
who are just like everyone,
from another land,
and different time,
only skin deep one gazes at it?

that’s all it is,
don’t look shallow at it,
because for how that will define you,
after all this?

Nothing is seen as good or bad,
as I can’t change who you are,
no matter how hard on tries, it can’t be done with words alone,
at times.

The skin,
no matter what others say,
is not hard thick as leather;
it’s easy to cut to a knife on a lone colorless petal,
that didn’t get a chance to blown,
because of the unknown of others thoughts.

Lacking in that burning ache,
resting inside,
denied it or not,
you wish to cry . . .
for what?

what do you want to cry for?

Do you want to do in anger,
goals . . .
the list goes on,
and on,
but what do you cry for,
tough gal or manly man,
you cry,
because of something,
abnormal it is by essentials,
so stop hiding.

And do something,
about not only yourself . . .
I have said enough,
the chain will take care of the rest.

So cry and do something.




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