What at times,
makes one stand out,
in what they do?
how else to say it,
but knowing it’s a fact,
and only one fits this statement.

To that,
there is an avowal;
one tends to show,
not only in their work,
but themselves.

At times it could be irate,
and so on.

out of most,
out of all the psychological sentiment,
one seems not to be spoken much of,
making it rare in critics,
but not to those who understand when coming across that expression.

in young and old,
all have it.

Leaving only one reviewer in mind,
lives by his title,
Curiosity Inc. really shows in his name,
on seeing something wider scale,
than that of much narrow look.

At times,
he’ll falter to that,
narrow certain points,
but to only expand on them,
mostly for that their source lack that,
and wants everyone to see it as thus a second look,
than given at once.

With a name like his,
it will be endless bet on when,
he’ll ever stop. For now,
he hasn’t,
and always ends up giving in return to others,
of his insights.

His inquisitiveness insights!

That only relies on his curiosity to media,
and others intake.

In terms of bluntness,
he fits it,
and may it always stay that way.

Movies curiosity just got a little deeper,
in its media,
and it is awesome!



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