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I am not a gamer. and even throw i have a show that talk about the music of game I do not go deep into science of it are try to pretend that I know more than throw that make a living playing an reviewing them. With that said i do have a concern that even the gamer are starting to speak out on it. a topic that if not talk about it could creep up on our believe game and mae it less enjoyable, not to mention expensive to play let alone own.

and that practise of pay walls in video games.

Now for throw who do not buy game apps on your phone, or PC, game app are game you can down-lode or play on a web site. most of these app you can play for free. or so they say. if I sound negative on this it because I am. and here why. although most of theses game weather app or not clam they are free to play. to get to the next level is not. there is a good change you have to pay a good sum of cash to get the thing you need to g to the next level. and that a lone could coast you a good chuck of money. in of the game i had play( The Godfather: The Five Families ) had good protinical and I poberly would have continued playing it if it was not for one thing. One it was in real time and it took almost an hour to reunes play. not if i would have brought some thing form the store it would have sped out time and i could had continued. Sound frimillior?

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This how most of these so-call free to play game make their money. And they do make a lot of money. Now when it come to phone or even PC and web site can care less about this kind of practices after all the have to pay the bill some how. but it the free to play clam i have a beef with. knowing you can rally go far on a game without buying something to continue is issued that now gammers all over the world is speaking out. and it a good thing too because now the Practies is slowly leaking in our games and that is a big no–no. why? well because you already pay for that game that why.

an avarges coast for a new game can run form $60.00 to $75.00 and that just for one game and now you are asking game to pay more for a game they already own to advance to the next level. Are you Kidding me. this is greed at it worse and with the bad parices theses gaming companies has been doing lately. now they want to ad a pay wall to the mixs. there is no reason for this in fact I along with the other who spoken out about this agree that this could lead to a new gaming crash that could ripple the gaming world for years to come.

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look gamer already play a hell of a lot of money to play a game that might or might not be good. and now you are asking them to pay more for a pay for that same game the already payed 70 bucks for. a pay walls that could run up anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars more what the game is worth. dose this sound like a good investment?

Now like i said earlier when it come to phone apps pc and website gaming really do have a beef just s long as they are honest nd stop clamming they are free to play when in fact it is not. if it free that it should be played free period. if it there is a pay wall that you need to payout in order to advances in the game that the companies need to make that clearer and if the player understand that and want to play anyway than fine. At lest you was honest about. key word; honest. but let it stay on th apps and on the gaming site. not in the games gamers’ spin there hard eared cash t play. enought with the nickel a dime use for God shake. but you ma have you own opinion on this matter. love to hear you thought. so go ahead xpress yourself.


I want to make this clear that I do complicatedly understand why pay-wall excises and for an independent game maker it is a must. there a a lot a Indy game i had play and yes are enjoyably. yet the pay-wall some of the game have can be too much. and yes can be a turn to a big turn off to an other wise good game. yes there are good game app out there. And there are good gaming website that deaducate them selves to the gaming world. but no one will ever take the the free to play, or app game seriously if these pay-wall continued to get out of hand. and if gaming companies start putting pay-wall on our mine stream game we already payed for; well, they are just asking for a gaming cash where both Indy and big short gaming companies could pay big time.

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