Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook Off Review


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Around the time the DCOM exploded in the new millennium it didn’t take long before the whole Disney Channel was creatively bankrupt just like the animation department. Never is this more apparent than in the years 2003-2005 which was when Disney as a company was at an all time low creatively (except for Pirates). As a result some of the dumbest DCOMs came out of these years Z3 being one of them! So in 2003 a DCOM that I personally can’t stand and is even dumber now then it was back in 2003 with another stupid contrived conflict from a completely irrelevant issue that infects every fabric of this movie and this seriously makes it a chore to actually sit through so that I could review it!


The story in all of its stupidity tells the story of Eddie who loves baseball even though his team isn’t that good. One day he gets mesmerized by a program on the Food Network and he starts to take an interest in cooking. He fixes dinner one night and everyone enjoys it, but his brothers and father start teasing him about him being a wimp and how unmasculine it is to cook. You can see why I think this movie is stupid! This movie’s conflict is Eddie ashamed that his masculinity will be called into question just because he likes cooking and enters a cooking competition and pursue culinary arts instead of baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could at least pick a RELEVANT issue!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously gender role issues aren’t relevant anymore!!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong there are still conflicts with gender roles like prejudice against homosexuals and transgender people and also people that make fun of Bronies etc. This conflict of making fun of a man that cooks is so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are plenty of men that cook Bobby Flay who actually cameos in the film, Emeril, Alton Brown and now Guy Fieri!!!!!!! Guy Fieri is really popular right now and has plenty of manliness!!!!!! This idiotic, outdated 1950s way of thinking is just stupid and lazy and didn’t even engage me as a kid!! By the way did I mention that the Dad who is the main perpetrator of this conflict FAINTS AT THE SIGHT OF BLOOD!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah he’s the epitome of manliness! To add insult to injury he makes fun of male nurses when there are plenty of male nurses (my step father being one of them) and in a lot of cases nurses know more than doctors and are just as vital to health care as doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way MALE NURSES DON’T FAINT AT THE SIGHT OF BLOOD!!!!!! Also there’s this subplot about one member of the baseball team who’s a girl and she fools her mother into thinking that she’s a cheerleader on the team and not a player and actually takes pompoms to practice with her to keep up the illusion! Has no one in this movie seen A League of Their Own?!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s perfectly okay for girls to play baseball!!!!!!!! The only thing that’s not allowed in baseball is crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This plot blows!!!!!!!!!!


I’m not going to talk about the characters simply because they’re all tools of this idiotic story Eddie is likeable enough, but the conflict and basis of this film is so irrelevant and dumb that we don’t care. The friends are jerks and don’t support him for the first half of the film and made much ado about nothing. The brothers are jerks. The Dad is a hypocrite by his standards of manliness by thinking it’s unmasculine to cook and yet faints at the sight of blood!!!!!! This movie annoys me!


This is just dumb! Not as dumb as the Zenon sequels, but man what were they thinking with this????!!!!!!

Verdict: 2.1 outdated conflicts out of 5

Unfortunately this idiotic conflict returns in the next film I’m going to review which is the film that  for better or worse boosted the DCOM to super stardom and created an international phenomenon, but also was the impetus for many people myself included to some degree to completely give up on the quality of the programs on Disney Channel as well as made the Disney Channel a complete joke! Yes it is time my readers for me to review the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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