Will It Decide Itself?

To decide on what,
could happen,
in keeping walking forward,
glancing on seeing all the paths,
which could have been.
In being a fighter.
for all to follow or lead to be,
and go from there!
To keep learning,
or to teach.
Going on and on,
for what’s and if’s are,
keeping from branching out,
to try.
But try of what,
to go where,
answering the why,
and maybe who will be there,
to see it through?
How so of that?
Be a dancer or voter.
Deciding becomes a chore,
but life as it is.
Asking to bitching how life can be unfair,
be it from first world minor problems,
to the horrors of third worlds falling,
and the growing second world and forming forth world,
are shown anew of lights.
the path for that just keeps going forward,
night and day.
Through the confusing seasons on earth there is.
Passing without a care,
as the young and old,
live through what they can,
dying not far behind them,
going and going.
Where is that leading for itself,
on life?
Bitching again,
asking for answers that are too hard to know,
or so small,
they are over glanced.
Good question.
Do you have that answer?
Cause maybe I do,
but would matter,
in the end?
No soul of one have a brain that matches another,
even twins have,
their own faults in seeing a part of one another,
slowly but sure.
On that crumbling path,
so it is be?
Lies and truths,
mashed in with peaceful anger,
that made a rock,
turn into dust.
Scared in hands,
shown as pain,
subdues it one self.
Deed is done.
did it do anything in deciding that,
will it ever?
For itself,
falling into place,
with us, and going.
Farther than any other,
distance brain,
being before?
Press on,
without blinking,
see it first,
before judging.                              



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