Going on to what questions some will ask;
there is a chance for maybe of how many tattoos do you have?
In answering that is simple enough that of none,
never like needles,
for our relationship has taken odd turns in the past,
and I have the mind an ADD hummingbird-sparrow hybrid,
within a week,
I would dislike the tattoo so much,
I could never do it.
Water proof ones that come off when user wants to . . .
4,327 tattoos and counting . . .
for I go through them like mad!

Now moving onto that only on the imagination,
that if you don’t have any,
have you ever thought of getting one?
Leaving on nothing else for just a permanent one,
when I am close to dying,
no one can see less than six feet of dirt,
It’s a win-win for everyone . . .
for how little it means anything,
for others to understand.

In memory sake,
there could be that,
of what did you for your last birthday?
in say,
only getting a wee bit plastered and able to remember,
just enough that came with it,
for it was fun,
never even close to being an adult,
but held close to it,
that drowning one’s self,
changes nothing in the long run.

For respect of the next inquiry,
will hold in react just the same,
just more blunt and vague for the sake,
of just sheer sanity . . .
do you carry a donor card?
Come in bluntness,
for I was denied one to ever happen,
matters of it,
differ in how one,
can look about it,
in short,
these lack of colorful words to detail it,
and we’ll leave it at it that,
not everyone is fit for it.

I can only guess of this,
of who would ask this,
they shall remain nameless,
for they asked once of who was the last person you ate dinner with,
leaves a quick strike,
in asking and is gone soon after . . .
in good humor,
the respond is,
that it was my grandparents,
they are the quietest to eat with and come,
guilt free when eating,
for there is never judgment,
in their eyes about what we do.

Here comes a issue that is very old,
and never really has a rejoin to go with it,
as those who are asked,
never know outside of what they think nor themselves about the world,
in this matter that is too over blown at times . . .
is the glass half empty or half full?
For as in a science point of view,
it’s half air and water,
thus always full . . .
it’s because of that no real answer is given,
if this was aiming of how life is seen, bleak or sunshine,
but I am not sure of the truth,
the whole truth,
just what I see,
along of those of others.
There is no simple answer for it and should just be dropped.

Next thing to ask;
is really to oneself,
as there can only be wonder of it,
of what’s the farthest-away place you’ve been?
So broad of question,
in memory Hawaii or New York,
but pictures in family photo books have said otherwise . . .
and a few others . . .
but in memory Hawaii is the more stronger ideal answer for this,
shame really . . .
putting the blame on the family tree lines for living so far away . . .
and where leave off until another time.

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