Her body, fine and stealth, goddess of protection. A sign that stalks the sands, from what all is known as venom. Fangs curled from snakes. Strikers tails of scorpions. Slim wit, with light paws gliding her through. She attacks, with no sense of doubt.

In moments to purr for an enjoyable of a job well done. To that as quick as her defenses, with a gentle wind, she is gone. A lion’s piercing glance last to becoming those who dare look her way. Knowing that it’s not in fear, but in respect, for her mortal form, a feline’s call or a sneaking mongoose is her lowest form. Ashamed in many ways, for it comes close to that as being fleshly born into an unknown world.

Weakness it is, at that of the day world. But night, a lovely inhuman, tender foots the sands of Egypt. Those eyes of a demon never losing their place, as she guards the land. Along with many others, friends in some ways.

Past flings in an other time.

In slowly in time, that world fades from upper realm, to the nether, as she sails with Ra, kneeling for upcoming days of serving life. The yearn for the upper world, is forever distance, but she knows where she stands.

Ra’s little Mafdet, is still that of a learning greenhorn. Pleasures selfless and Displacements efforts blur on a thin line that has long become a stain. A stain on her will, but once again, shows never of the signs of worthlessness to others.

Just as on dainty feet on earthy sand, that of nether coal is a gift and a sin. To where only than, alertness is all she has.

Passing aging ruins with her sire, as his past rulers, blessing each, cleansing all that are safe and rest as ease, from first shovel of sand on one’s being to where they are nothing but the sands themselves, blowing in the hailing winds of time.

Mafdet the greenhorn is not a forever lasting, only for those, who can’t move and improve. She knows and to that, attacks as rippling cotton farms, dusting off away into the winds, as a cry of a newborn.

A small role she plays, but a tune she has mastered in her passing years. To others only knowing her as, Mafdet’s final claw.

The End.

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