Is that time?

Oh my,
oh dear,
I need to start it,
before it comes.

Pen and paper,
set on a table,
letting the thoughts roll on.

What could be the dreams coming true,
simple things,
for he is a busy man,
let it be a small wish.

Young of heart may consternation to others,
but let it be,
one’s wits own wish be forward.

Sure on knowing,
the gifts in mind can be bigger than life or small as a marble in hand, but a gift to hold,
is no micro swindles of truth,
as it is what that as reality to hold.

Be by the wine drip slowly in so,
comes in so,
of that forming a mist vision that becomes,
so solid that it weights on,
that fantasy is more than just fable.

This list makes little of different of a hallucination being real,
but breaks enough to make,
it all real.

A list does enough as a light single in the sky,
hoping the wonder jovial eyes of large man,
dress in rich red,
wandering the world in giving marvel,
and empathy in many hearts.

It may be so small of a list,
but does the job.

Comes in mind to hurry in write,
run to mailbox,
and after that wait . . .
wait for the best on this holiday season,
which has been looked in a lighter tone.

must hurry so,
and off we go,
of little dreamers may come true.

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