One of who I have known the longest being here,
but know so little about.

He always came as a ghost in some ways.

Pop up for a moment and gone not long later . . .
but it doesn’t stop a smile from forming.

His ember of endowment really enlightens people,
enjoyable as they are at times,
even thought thinking.

Though they may not always be,
they do poke the brain enough to do it.

seeing that didn’t come till after.

At first he was someone leaving a comment,
giving his take on this,
for good or bad,
even for just that,
brought out the best of him.

Atreyu at times feels like an Easter egg hunt,
luckily I like that kind of game,
his short words hold impact.

Just as strongly to what he says on a full scale.

Atreyu was a friend who comments first,
before becoming a buddy in thought provoking blogs of rebutting hate.

Wise in both areas and glad he’s always here.

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