Every light
Must relax as night
Come see wild fruit fall
Season sacred
Beautiful animal climb My Eden Mountain
Rustle thick and breathe ancient
Follow said nature river earth love
Prairie path or lonely summer frost
Between warm green never could thrive
When sun blanket shade
Gentle garden cloud always seeding
Leaving no harmony rest
Or over off a secret stroll
Long live dusk flower
Fresh bright world
Wander about gentle moss
Blossom through soul
Give as an quiet pure rose spirit




In a life that is always changing, so do those that live within it. As other might say it is not true. Other have comes in open mind of what is to come. For that in soon, what people hold dear in the now, will fade, and something new take over. Yes, bittersweet that taste is, but a young one will grow and pull off the impossible. If one was to try. That’s all it takes, just try, and do what comes normal in matters of this, we call evolving.

If you are still interesting in playing with this game or wonder how to play or even find your inner poet. Here is the link: http://magneticpoetry.com/pages/play-online

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