Leading into the strange of what goes through people’s minds,
are mind bobbling at times,
even if they ask what is the last thing you downloaded on your computer?
I could say in the silly and kindest of words;
not all ears need to hear that.
And that my friend,
is all you are getting out of me.

In wonders why would anyone ask this,
you guess is always welcome when words like this;
of the last time you swam in a pool?
Keep in this of about a year ago,
after things went to hell,
and such other things,
that are just as that is dulling to the ears.

Comes for a common question would be the type of music you like most?
In simple,
it ranges,
but what goes well to listen,
I’ll give it a chance that doesn’t dismay what music is reason to do.

into say the question changes only a tad,
for as in the type of music you dislike most?
The answer is simple just as the one before its discord twin,
as if the music wishes in bring many,
many negative thoughts to end it that would;
make it a missed song to listen into,
no matter how others will try to lure one back,
to liking as them.

Could one say it is almost abusing a question when now saying if,
on if so,
to ask;
are you listening to music right now?
that should never be asked,
for when I am not listen to music,
it’s got to be some part of my life some way,
or another.

To stray away now,
I would find it best,
but the next words to say,
feel only the strange would ask,
when they ask,
what color is your bedroom carpet is?
In kindness,
I’ll answer it,
if it means to drop a weird matter of it,
for it is brown,
just like the rest of the house,
besides the walls as they are white with mix splashes,
so in simple and it goes,
well with the random colors of the room.

This person would ask this,
may want to be a home designer come in words to be this,
if you could change something about your home,
without worry about expense or mess,
what would you do?
And in humor,
can’t help but respond to it,
with these following words; make a better man-cave,
for the sake of comfort has taken a turn,
and needs to be fixed.
Quickly so!

If a stalker would ask this,
I simple run . . .
to a friend it’s a different matter,
for what was the last thing you bought?
Yet to a stalker or a friend,
it was the one that keeps me from being a chatter-box,
so to that,
I refuse to say.

A peculiarly of a question this one was,
for have you ever ridden on a motorbike?
Why yes,
indeed I have . . .
and never again might I add!

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