I’m not sure of the meaning of where this will go,
but in thinking we have someone who,
feels like a James Bond at times,
makes things a little more fun.

As some before,
there is only a tip of deliberation of this person.

But far from wasteful!

He’s has wit,
creative ideas that are far from stopping.

For now,
he has gone quite,
for reasons all on his own.

But in what can be remembered of him and if looked hard enough,
a snip of him,
can be found.

A talent that shouldn’t go to dissipate on oneself!

Many could say,
it has been done,
being able to enjoy at the start to end,
is a talent few have.

Or even to be able to pull after review to the next review,
without fail.

Gurning Chimp,
from the world across the pond,
does reviews.

In his twist and done so well.

If he comes back,
it will be with open arms.

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