Forest sing as no ugly soaring scream
A hot fiddle dream
Put a shine were rain bouncily
Symphony tongue whispers when repulsively
And run through the purple smell beauty recall mist
Watch tiny bitter moon rip wax meanly on less a rusty woman’s breast
Beneath cool diamond death shadow worship sweet winds
Must thousand summer mother be all said garden friends




In a soft remembering moment of when it was safe to go to a park, day or night. And it was never the worry was never telling or giving a final thought to a parent or friend, it was likely they were never coming home or seeing them again. Because of a shot to the heart or a stab in the back, was the last thing they felt, before their world dark forever.

In Memory of Those Lost Because of Misunderstanding and Misused of Serve, Protect, Equal Rights, and Common Sense. They Will Not Be Forgotten.

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