Hello & welcome back to the Christmas celebration here on A Look at Disney and today, we continue our look at the Disney Christmas Storybook Collection as we go to the arcade to Wreck The Halls.


I’ve stated in the past that I’m not the biggest fan of Wreck-It Ralph in the past but that didn’t keep me from enjoying this cute little story about bringing everyone together for the holidays.

The Plot

Ralph is visiting Vaneoplle at Sugar Rush and the young girl happens to notice that something was on Ralph’s mind. We learn after the events of the movie, the Nicelanders have started treating Ralph nicely and they even invited him to their Christmas party.

All Ralph could think of, were the years that spent by himself alone on Christmas and he felt that no bad guy should have to spend Christmas alone and Vaneoplle agrees and we see the two friends go through and make all the preparations for a Christmas party after Ralph calls a special meeting of Bad-Anon.

And from there, the two friends go to town getting everything ready from making presents for the bad guys to picking out a tree and even building a sleigh to ride in on.

Though, it didn’t seem that things would last as while driving the sleigh, they crashed into a caramel lake and broke the sleigh. But it was not a total loss as the bad guys had put together a Christmas party for Ralph as he was the reason, they were altogether on Christmas.

All in all, this was a cute little story about bringing everyone together for the holidays and that people shouldn’t be excluded from joining in on the festivities.


Just like yesterday’s story, there is only two characters to focus on here. Ralph and Vanellope. Let’s begin.

Ralph & Vanellope

It was quite a joy seeing these two friends go through all the planning and preparations for a Christmas party for the bad guys as they put so much effort into planning the perfect holiday for the bad guys and while it was a bit cliche that things wouldn’t go their way and the sleigh would break, I still felt bad for them.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this was a cute little story with a set up that has been done many times before but it was executed rather well and it was an enjoyable read. I do think the Tangled story from yesterday was better but only because that did something I’m not used to seeing in Christmas stories but putting that one aside, I still greatly enjoyed this one. Join me tomorrow as we continue our look at the stories as we head to Arendelle as Elsa tries to give Anna the perfect in…

All I Want For Christmas

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