Greetings, Manic Fans.  I posted this one last year to mark the 1 year anniversary of my Father’s Death.  I repost it again to mark the 2nd anniversary.


Once so strong, so solid and sure, you were like an anchor.

With a spirit as determined as a bulldog, you were like a battering ram.

With a heart as flowing as a geyser, you were like a blossoming field.

With a sense of humor like a clown, you were like a vaudevillian rascal


Then the faceless killer came.


Then, so weak, you seemed brittle as sugarglass.

With a mind dulled by drugs, you seemed slow as molasses.

With a heart struggling to pump, you seemed like a lame horse limping.

Yet, the spark in your eyes had saved your sense of humor, and your dignity was undiminished.

In your eyes was the determination to find the strength to remain an anchor.

In your eyes was the spirit to defeat this devil as you charged ahead like the battering ram.

Like the Dylan Thomas poem, “Do not go gentle into that good night,” you had refused to give up.


In the end, the killer won the fight, but you made him fight for every inch of it.

You gave the faceless killer two black eyes and a bloody nose for his efforts.

In the end, you chose the moment to die, not him.


I will always be proud of you, Dad. I hope your spirit is at rest and you are at peace.

Love, Les


Dear Manic Fans. It’s been 2 years since my Father died from Colon Cancer. This was my last memory of him from the last Thanksgiving we spent together. There are so many “Faceless killers” taking our loved ones, whether it’s Cancer, A.I.D.S. or the dozen other cruel afflictions plaguing us today. I pray that we, as a society, can overcome our differences and the heartless corporate mentality that is slowing down our search for cures and put a final nail in the coffins of these microscopic bastards that are killing us. 


(special mention to T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III for the term “The Faceless Killer”-used with respect and gratitude) Thank you for reading, my friends. Peace.

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