Night falls, the sun is gone to battle, wonders and fear helm what’s to come in the land of sands. Oh how many sends words of hope for the keepers of light return. But until, they sleep restlessly into the night.

He knows that there was no matters of changing their ways of seeing the dark world. Of how bathe the ink space of cosmos go aglow. With a waxing or waving moon shine down. Shadowing all, casting a cold blanket on their shoulders, but a blanket of comfort a being like he could only do. Painful as it was for him, it was all he knew.

There are times, few and rare, but just wonderful feeling it is. Children of the night come, playing away, with no care, smiling happily at the moon in a grace.

Again, so rare, but far from unwelcoming.

But he mourns for those nights, that were far in his plan, but his failure he couldn’t control.

What was ever going on in simple mind, conniving, devil-may cry, little Nut. Oh those blasted five days, not of his, but Nut’s. Commanding those demon days, but for now, there ways away, far from angering those children in nothing but soulless crimes they would never fully understand.

Poor, poor, Khonsu, man and keeper of the moon, the battles should have been his, but alas, the lack of knowing of what to come, if he only knew. If only.

But the moon will never shine hues of blue, for there is no faith as that, to come true. Khonsu has to command the stars, let them be wishes, and keep the children safe for ever when the moon is gone in forever nighties shadows.

For it’s he can do, in troubles it brings, but forever taken in pride.

As he is Khonsu, keeper of the moon, the rift of Nut’s plans, watcher of children, one and only trusty guide of the night.

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