So calm the sight, so at peace for what it was. Vigorous forest it was. Deeper in what must have been the heart of what travelers look for when daring to enter the woods. Forever left in a boastful summer.

Where time never reaches it, vivid colors spring about in a broken rainbow, as the confliction of waves sway over the bedrock, slicking them smooth. Bark so brown while entwine with stiff moss and sweet pine.

A night while dark as this, gives the Mediterranean Sea glow off the river into the sky.

Bending the tones of tree limbs, a ghostly shadow of their once self. Makes the mind wander deeper in of myths, for that the wonders it holds, but be held by a spirit not known from the world, and only away from a pulsing river hidden in the forest.

Come in a hush of a wind, dancing through the nature’s seedlings, emerald shrubs that tangled with cream poppies and burgundy daises, while honeysuckles contrast by the blue tinge eerie sky and comely river.

Whist of wind comes, flustering the trees, letting them sway as arms do of young children wanting to picked up, and care for. The signs of life little, a snap of twig or a splash is all about to reach one’s ear. As again, the winds pick up in a hollow song before dying down.

Leaving the shadows to ballet, impede, freeze, recur, and soon slant as radiances turn away, as their own regulator of occasion. On that river goes one, spreading as the veins, thriving the afforest to live on, passing beyond what any season of cool winters or blistering summers can give.

Cobalt blood runs deep under illumination olive and mysterious auburn skin. Living a life, far in few only know, that beating pump of a heart.

Lost ceaselessly frozen, unreachable, but never unwelcoming in the hissing concern that is there, and forever staying.

To for a world like this, is there, lost in what a concrete future wants, but there will never be a loss of it, and there it will remain.

Not as a memory or dream but a marble chain leading home.



Forest River by Bob Ross

Year when made; unknown

Location when painted; unknown

Requested by BigBlackHatMan

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