Living fast through sweet goddess whispers
Through sleep beneath hot lust in life
Hot frantic summer play beauty
Summer lake music raw storm rain shine
Raw rose scream together they sing in death
They smear above the sea sweat
In luscious chocolate honey from bitter smoothed wax woman
Wax purple and gorgeous soaring swim

She too could follow almost out of cold dusk vivid bloom world
Vivid dawn hot breeze breathe full like an soft bright nature
Breathe a murmur but always over thick trees
But no harmony stone did so quietly
Over how listening peace of some cloudiest poetry watch
Soft song though said beneath soul strolled to leave or give that lonely gentle light through beautiful long love
Love as an earth blanket

Poetry a hot desire velvet voice
As broken than cool fire
Explored from a fool surrounded
Always in this ice glass universe
A magic morning on one fever night
Though rhythm over laugh is by healing
Would you smile a word young prisoner




I wish for others to understand, that nothing comes easy. For no, even when they think do. That is far from the answer of it all. Race, gender, media choice on life. Like a poet such as me, nothing is every easy on a world that is slowly becoming glass of its oneself. And yet, in the bleak of it all, it is other people who tell us to give up, not ourselves. In the of all that, who is the real prisoner of everything. The what’s we can do or the what’s we can’t do in the so-called safe world of ours? Think on that.

-Side Notes-

14 openings left on the Thanksgiving poem, just need what you are less thankful for. PM me!

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