Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. And oh man, I’m so excited. Disney has just released the first trailer for Cinderella. And it looks so good.


I love everything about the look of the movie from this trailer. The costumes and the sets are just so gorgeous in their fairy tale nature. This is what I want to see in a live action fairy tale. Now, there are some things that I noticed that stood out to me such as that the step sisters are still named Anastasia and Drisella. And if I remember correctly, Disney came up with those names.

And some other ideas that are being thrown in that I like, which come from different tellings of Cinderella are the idea of the Fairy Godmother watching Cinderella as an old woman before revealing her true form and that Cinderella meets the Prince before the ball. Oh, and the other big thing that sets this apart from the animated movie is that Cinderella’s name in this version is just Ella. From what I know in most other versions of this tale, that is the case and Cinderella is a cruel nickname put upon her by her step family and that is what this trailer is portraying.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see that include the scene of Cinderella’s dress being torn but with two big changes. Also, regarding the Fairy Godmother, it appears that this film is going for a more youthful approach to the character as she is most certainly not the grandmother figure that we had in the animated movie.

One, Lady Tremaine is the first to tear the dress and secondly, Cinderella’s animal friends did not make the dress. It belonged to her biological mother, who we see in flashbacks throughout the trailer. I like that as it adds a bit of weight and more emotion to what is happening as Cinderella is something be torn apart that belonged to someone that she truly loved.

Now for all the good, I have to say about this trailer, I do have one small concern. I don’t know how well, the animals will work in live action. This fear came into play, when I saw the coachman turn back into a goose.

This is perhaps my only concern with the trailer but otherwise. It looks really good. Now, I know some people are going to say that there is nothing new as we’ve seen this all before and it’s telling the entire story in the trailer. On both of those accounts, people are correct but to the latter, Cinderella is one of the classics and most people know this story or a variation of it, so I see nothing wrong with the trailer showing the key moments and as for having seen this all before. Also true but there is nothing wrong with a new take on it and I do believe that director, Kenneth Branagh is giving us an excellent new Cinderella movie that I am highly looking forward to. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments, peace.

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