Ah, the supporting characters! Where would Batman be without Commissioner  Gordon? Where would Superman be without his pal Jimmy? These are the characters who flesh out the stores we love and make them more than just mindless action. They give our heroes a reason to do what they do, and in some instances become just as popular as the main hero. Today I want to countdown five of my favorite supporting characters from comic books.


The only rule here is the character had to be a good guy always, sometimes they will turn into villains like Green Lantern’s Carol Ferris or Batman and Harvey Dent. Oh and one character per hero.



#5.Oberon (Mr.Miracle)


This little guy was awesome! If you’re not familiar with Jack Kirby brilliance that was The New Gods…it’s a long story. Mr.Miracle was an awesome character, the world’s greatest escape artist. I could do a whole article on his kick ass wife Big Barda. But there was also Oberon. He was Miracle’s aid, and in the 80’s and 90’s he really came out on his own in the Justice League. He was a caring fellow with  a big heart who could get tough when he needed to.






#4.Iris Allen/Linda Park (The Flash)

flash linda (11)

I love the ladies in Flash’s life. In the older days there was Iris, a reporter who was a the standard comic book girlfriend who had to be kept clueless that Barry Allen was Flash. Irish did learn Barry was Flash and her story is to complicated to get into here. But she was really cool! Years later Wally West had the love of his life, Linda. She was a reporter (why are they all reporters?) who was awesome! I loved their relationship, and she was no push over either. One issue Linda literally saved Wally’s life after all hope seemed lost. She actually took a super villain on her own! How awesome is that! These two women were also a lot of fun to read and of course there were others like Fionna Webb and Tina McGee, but Iris and Linda were the two that stood out.








#3.Etta Candy (Wonder Woman)


Wonder Woman doesn’t have a huge list of supporting cast which stick out. Oh sure there is Steve Trevor, but who else? One name that always pops up is Etta Candy. She is a Air Force officer who knows how to kick tail. But what really makes her stand out is that she is was allowed, in the early days, to not be thin. She was heavy and stories dealt with the fact that she was heavy. She even had an eating disorder at one point. With the thin and hot women in comics, this is a nice change of pace and the best part while she was heavy (and self conscious) that dint stop her from helping out and becoming one of Wonder Woman’s closest friends. Which also reflects on how amazing Wonder Woman is as a character.





#2.Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)


Alfred is just about perfect. He is Batman’s butler, best friend, and even nurse when he needs to be. Alfred may be he only person who isn’t afraid to talk back to Bruce once in awhile if Bruce is out of line. He is an English butler in every sense of the word, and I admire the respect that he has for Batman. And vice versa. Alfred reminds Bruce of his humanity, literally keeping him from going off the deep end. The closest movie version to get this character right was Michael Cain, the earlier films made Alfred more into a wise grandfather and that was stupid. Alfred is always there and probably always will be.






#1.Lois Lane (Superman)



Let’s talk about Lois for a minute. Lois Lane didn’t do much for me at first. In the silver age she was a whining character, and the movies did not help this. I hated Margot Kidder’s Lois. Then the John Byrne version came along, and Lois kicked ass! She was a reporter, of course, but didn’t let anything get in her way. She didn’t stand by and wait for Superman to save her, she stepped in and tried to deal with things on her own! Awesome! Teri Hatcher captured this very well in Lois & Clark. At first they were rivals but eventually Lois learned to love Clark, not Superman, the more she got to know what a great guy he was. When Lois and Clark finally got engaged, it really created a whole new dimension for the stories. Finally, Superman had someone he could talk to and confide in. It was so great when they were together. Of course, thanks to the re-boot they aren’t now. But that’s another story. Lois is a great character and the perfect match for Superman, no matter what DC policy is these days.





So who do you think should be on this list?

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